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Coyote Tracks - #Yes2IEH Tuesday May 11 Edition

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Ok, fair Coyotes fans that are reading this.  Today is do or die day...Glendale City Council meeting is tonight at 7 PM...they will be voting on approving agreements to satisfy the NHL about covering losses if they can't find a new owner by next year.  If they don't approve these agreements, it's quite possible that the Coyotes won't be here.  All the potential that we, as fans, finally saw from the hard work of this team, of GMDM, of Dave Tippett and the rest of the coaches...all of that will go away because a bunch of elected officials can't get their heads out of their asses.  There's only one way to show them how foolish they will be.  Show up tonight, in your Coyotes gear, and raise bloody hell.  Make it clear to each and every member of that council that if they don't make this work, they can find a new job as soon as they are up for reelection.  Here is the email that I received from the Coyotes yesterday:

Coyotes Email re: Glendale City Council Meeting

The meeting is at 7 PM in the Glendale City Council Chambers, which I believe is located at 5850 W. Glendale Ave.  Make your voice heard.

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES (Staying alive edition):  Penguins 3 - Canadiens 4 (Series tied at 3); Flyers 4 - Bruins 0 (Boston leads series 3-2)

The most exciting playoffs I can remember in a long time continue.  Simon Gagne lights the lamp twice in his second game back as the Flyers survive anothter goalie injury as former-Coyote Brian Boucher sprains both knees early in the 2nd period.  Michael Leighton comes in for the joint shutout, only the second time in NHL playoff history and first time since 1955.  In the other game, Mike Cammalleri scores twice as the Cammalleri and client Jaroslav Halak show marches on forcing a decisive Game 7 in Pittsburgh.  Madness, I tell you, complete madness.

After the jump, unfortunately for TimmyHate and the rest of the followers here, my alerts are still only filled with crap on the Coyotes ownership situation...but really, there's nothing else to focus on at this point.  If they can't get this straightened out, there just might not be a team for us to post links about...

I'm just putting these out there without commentary and without's just too painful to read it all.  Pace yourself if you are going to make a go of it...

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If you're still with me's a bit of levity to try and make you feel better...I'm trying as hard as I can to help:

The Chi-Van Series Reminds Me Of High School : Blades Of Funny
Very, very funny stuff here...some of these are just uncanny.

Pundays: The Bell Curve
[s/t Puck Daddy who had this in his headlines yesterday...the poor Oilers]

Salary Crunch
Alright, this isn't so much as funny as it is disheartening, but in a funny way, not like the ownership fiasco.  In just over 260 years at my current salary I can make as much as Ryan Howard....oooooooh.