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Coyote Tracks - Monday May 10 Edition

I'm with Sami...this weekend's news makes me sick to my stomach.  Wait, what?  He ruptured his testicle?  Oh no, I feel sick, but not that bad...ack!  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
I'm with Sami...this weekend's news makes me sick to my stomach. Wait, what? He ruptured his testicle? Oh no, I feel sick, but not that bad...ack! (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Gah...seriously.  I really thought we got all of this crap out of our system last year, right?  Now it's back to square one it seems.  Thank god for @IceEdgeDJ who is keeping a fine sense of humor on things...Apparently, as Travis noted, Shoalts isn't taking the olive branch...oh well.

So basically, every Coyotes link that is in my Google Alert is related to this ownership mess.  Lovely.  You know what I want to talk about, free agents, recapping last year, how can we advance to the 2nd round, etc.  But instead, we get to focus on this...I'm soooooo thrilled.  I think Ghost covered my feelings pretty well the other day, so I will spare you all my rant.  I encourage everyone to attend the Glendale City Council meeting on Tuesday and let the charming folks on the council how you feel about their handling of the situation.  I'll have links to these stories below the jump with a very little bit of commentary relating to a quote I saw in one of the articles that just pisses me off to no end.

In other hockey related weekend news, the Flyers and Canucks staved off elimination, the Red Wings did not...more playoff hockey is always good, so I'm sure many of you share my happiness that the Flyers and Canucks are forcing more games...I'm sure the collective animosity towards the Red Wings means that you are only upset it took them 5 games to be eliminated.

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  Canucks 4 - Blackhawks 1 (Chicago leads series 3-2)

Video: Sami Salo reportedly suffers ruptured testicle in Game 5 - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Last night, also, that happened...ouch....I remember when this happened to Patrick Thoreson two years ago...not good, not good at all...

After the jump, ownership mess, ownership mess and more ownership mess, nepotism and Zbynek Michalek, and Yotesgurl's first reflections on last season...

Let's start with non-owneship stuff...

The Pack " The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes
Very, very nice read...

From the Files of the Fiscally Insane: Another Offseason Thought
Looking at the Senatorspossibly signing Zbynek Michalek.  He's going to get a lot of attention on the open market, which is why the ownership mess needs to get straightened out already...I'm not sure my Czech loving wife can take it...

Time is money as Glendale decides Coyotes' fate: Hotstove

Ok, here's the start of the never-ending ownership linkage...and there's a quote from this article that makes me just want to put a whole in the wall:

HNIC analyst Glenn Healy threw cold water on the notion that the Coyotes would end up anywhere but Winnipeg. Gate receipts were down 30 per cent last year in Phoenix, he added. "You can't exist in the NHL with that," Healy said. "In my mind it's clear — it has to be Winnipeg."


Ok, Glenn Healy was a solid goalie...played back-up for the Rangers team that won the cup in 1994.  Always generally thought he was a good guy.  But this is the asinine lazy-ass bull-crap that folks toss out when they are lazy-ass terrible journalists.  As we've dissected, the Coyotes overall gate receipts for last year were down significantly...perhaps even as much as 30%.  But the vast majority of this "down" was caused by the summer of hell and the abysmal attendance figures seen the first few months of the season following an offseason where very few season tickets could be sold.  In 2008-2009, the Coyotes had a very steady average attendance of just under 15,000 fans, for a non-playoff team...

The Coyotes should be riding into next season on a wave of good faith after the incredible year they've had this year, and should be able to coast into an opening month of sold out stadiums that some good play will carry forward through the entire year.  Instead, the longer this mess continues without resolution, the more this goodwill gets squandered, and the more likely that once again the Coyotes will need to win back the fans that sold out the final 8 home games last year...good job people calling the shots all around.  Way to screw the pooch even further.

Ok, that's it for my mini-rant.  The rest of the way, all I've got are more takes on the at your own risk...

The Western Hockey Exchange: Making Sense of This Nonsense
[s/t Puck Daddy for this...don't know the site, but will keep on following...good read]

The Associated Press: Source: City, Ice Edge near lease deal for Coyotes

Coyotes are looking like 1995 Jets
I've finally figured out what's happening in Phoenix: It's Winnipeg in 1995 all over again.

Ice Edge, Glendale discussing Coyotes purchase
Ice Edge Holdings Inc.'s chances of acquiring the Phoenix Coyotes were suddenly revived Friday, and

Coyotes Deal in Chaos - Slap Shot Blog -
The city of Glendale, Ariz., may have to go back to potential buyers it rejected last month.

Hockey Blog In Canada: What A Tangled Web

Alright, tonight' the Flyers try to again fight off elimination and force the series back to Philadelphia for a sixth game, Montreal does the same in Pittsburgh.  Enjoy!!!