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The Adopt the Coyotes Letters - Dallas Stars Edition

Phoenix Coyotes Fans Arena
Glendale, AZ

Dallas Stars Fans
AMerican Airlines Arena
Dallas, TX

Dear Dallas Stars Fans,

Hey, remember all that crap we went through with the James Neal thing a while back? Yeah... not cool. We still don't like him much, but that shouldn't stop you from rooting for the Coyotes this postseason now that you guys unfortunately won't be making the cut. Why should you root for us? I'm glad you asked!

The biggest reason is really the only one you need. Dave Tippett. You guys still like him. Most fans I've talked to still aren't happy with that worked out and thinks he got a raw deal. Sure, he's coaching a division rival now, but from speaking to fans it seems like you all still wish he was there. Well now he can be "your" coach for at least a little while longer if you support him and the team in the playoffs.

How about Shane Doan? You've seen him play against you for years and have probably heard about 1,000 times how good of a guy he is. Who doesn't want good things to happen for him? Not you. C'mon...

And don't forget the Southern Market connection. We southern teams have to stick together. Sure, Dallas has been more sucessful in building up a hockey culture in the city and there are some differences, but do you think anyone up north would blink twice if they could move you guys to? Hardly.

We have a good rivalry too. We always have. It's no Pittsbugh - Philly or Boston-Montreal necessarily, but we've always played each other hard back to the Darrian Hatcher on Jeremy Roenick days. It hasn't been one of those I HATE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Type of things either. It's always just been one of those things that you know the Coyotes-Stars games will always be a hard game for both sides and an exciting game to watch. That kind of thing builds up respect between teams. I was hoping you make it late in the season. (No it didn't have anything to do with knocking Detroit out, no... )

You could do a lot worse than adopting the Coyotes this postseason. Join us, won't you?