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Coyote Tracks - Wednesday April 7 Edition

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Good morning Coyotes fans...unfortunately, I have some very bad news for those of you that did not watch your NHL On The Fly last night.  The San Jose Sharks clinched the Pacific Division by beating the Calgary Flames last night and the Coyotes are pretty much relegated to the 4 spot...I think while it is sad that the final regular season game will not be for all the marbles, it's certainly encouraging that with just 3 games left to play, it was possible.  Now the Coyotes just need to focus on cementing home ice advantage and getting rested for a deep playoff run.

And if you are following your eastern conference playoff races, Atlanta is officially dead (Travis will have letters out shortly), [FYI- Travis has felt like crap this week which is why things have been a little slow] the Rangers failed to keep pace with the Flyers and Montreal got another point to put themselves into 6th.  Still a lot of excitement over the next 5 days as the regular season winds down.  Tonight's Fan Appreciation Night for the Nashville game is always a great experience and should be a ton of fun.

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PHL 2 - TOR 0; NYR 2 - BUF 5; MTL 3 - NYI 4 (SO); NJ 3 - ATL 0; WSH 6 - PIT 3; CAR 8 - TB 5; OTT 5 - FLA 2; CHI 5 - DAL 2; SJ 2 - CGY 1; COL 4 - VAN 3 (SO); LAK 5 - ANA 4 (SO)

After the jump, lots of whimsy, the Coyotes' possible playoff fate, therapy for Winnipeg fans and Taylor Pyatt...

The Yotes Diva: Winnipeg Counseling: Session 2
The Yotes Diva continues her therapy for Winnipeg fans missing the Jets...

Coyotes' reward for strong season could be a date with the Red Wings -
We've been discussing this regularly here at the site (at least in comments and fanposts/fanshots).  I don't fear the Red Wings (and with lots of the tickets already sold for the first 2 games, we might even avoid a lot of the Red Wings fans), but I'd hate the White Out to be ruined by the rest of them...

Enduring Tragedy a Year Later, Taylor Pyatt Plays On -- NHL FanHouse
Of all the players in Phoenix that are easy to root for in this who-owns-the-Yotes? season, Taylor Pyatt is at the top of the list.  A nice story here about Taylor Pyatt and the tragedy from a year ago.

NHL draft blog -- The five worst drafting teams in the NHL - ESPN
Not exactly scientific method, but the Coyotes have not been a very successful drafting team over the past...

Candid NHLers weigh in on the big questions in anonymous poll
Who's the best player in the National Hockey League? Which team will win the Cup this year? These questions - normally reserved for rabid debate among hockey pundits and fans of the game - were posed to the players themselves by ESPN the Magazine, which recently conducted an anonymous poll of 50 NHLers.  Meh, Phoenix is a terrible organization according to 50 anonymous hockey players...who knew they weighed Peter Mueller's and Olli Jokinen's answers so much...

Phoenix Coyotes escape extinction -
Of all the places the Phoenix Coyotes were rumored to be this season and all the places they've been — including U.S. Bankruptcy Court, where they were purchased by the NHL — they've landed in the most unexpected place of all: the playoffs.

Video: The sad ballad of Keith Ballard vs. goalies continues - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Seriously, Keith Ballard is just having a tragic year with goaltender related's sad, really.

And while the own goal above can be a part of the whimsy, here's a triple shot of pure whimsy...

Revenge of the 'History Will Be Made' NHL parody videos - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
These parodies are really just phenomenal...

Various Bugs Found On Popular Hockey Sites : Blades Of Funny
Good stuff from a new site that is going to try and rival Down Goes Brown, it would seem...

Down Goes Brown: The NHL's most memorable comebacks - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
But the masters will hardly rest on their laurels...Desert Ninja FTW!!!

Fan Appreciation Night tonight...if you don't have tickets, the game is on NHL Network...