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The Adopt the Coyotes Letters - Minnesota Wild Edition

Yeah, I need to do a ton of these with everyone that was eliminated over the weekend. I thought it might be more efficient to do them all in one shot. Then I though, Wouldn't that be cheating the good people of those teams the chance to read a great letter? Wouldn't it lose that personal touch? Yes. Yes it would. So you'll be seeing a bunch of these over the next week.

Phoenix Coyotes Fans Arena
Glendale, AZ

Minnesota Wild Fans
Xcel Energy Arena
St. Paul, MN

Dear Minnesota Wild fans,

Another year, another season that fell just short for you guys. You should be commended for hanging around as long as you did with the start you had to the season. You guys tanked it hard at the beginning and fought your way back to being an above .500 team but then just couldn't break through to the next level. That means that you unfortunately will miss the postseason again. It also means you need a team to root for this year in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Why not make that team the Phoenix Coyotes?

The biggest reason for you to root for us is the one that's hardest to explain. That is the fact that we don't really have much of a history with each other. Sure you had a winning streak against us, but there wasn't a heated rivalry or anything. There's really not a lot there. That's both good and bad. On the bad end that means that you likely don't know much about our team or players to latch on to. That same thing is good in that you have no reason to dislike our team. Sometimes a lack of history can be a good thing.

The other biggie is that we're kind of the team everyone is rooting for. We're the feel good story that everyone wants. The little team that no one thought would be where we are. Yeah the bandwagon might be a little full, but we can always welcome more and could use the support.

The players to root for: Ilya Bryzgalov who is a huge reason we have the record we do and a possible Vezina candidate. Shane Doan: All around good guy and Captain. Lee Stempniak: Ninja.

So that's a quick version. What say you Wild Fans? Adopt us this post season?


Travis Hair