Why the Coyotes need to lose to the Predators

Fellow Coyotes fans,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but with SJ's OTL last night the Yotes have all but lost the opportunity to win the division (not mathematically mind you). Lets look at the numbers as of the time of this writing:

SJ sits with 107 points, CHI with 105, VAN with 100, PHO with 102, NAS with 98 and DET with 96.

To make up the 5 points to win the division we would need to win every upcoming game, NAS, @LA and @SJ Not an easy feat, but not impossible. That also means the SJ would have to lose all of their remaining games going 0-2-1 against @CGY, VAN and PHO. That would give the Yotes 108 points and the division. The conference is not out of reach as well with CHI playing @DAL, STL, @COL and DET, for that the Hawks would have to no better than 1-2-1 for us to win the conference.

Here's my reasoning on why we need to lose:

The Red Wings, The last team we want to face in the first round of the playoffs. Not because I don't think we can beat them, I just don't want to deal with their obnoxious attitudes, although someone did write a nice guide for survival. Detroit more than likely will beat the Bluejackets at least once as they play them twice in a row. Then to finish the season they play in Chicago. The Hawks have done well against the Wings,as they are +5 GA, but are 1-1 at home, so definitely a toss up.

This brings us to why the Yotes need to lose to Nashville. The Predators have only 2 games left @PHO and SL. If both were wins for them that would round out their season with 102 points, IF and a big IF; we lost all the rest of games at the worst we would be tied for points. As long as they don't beat us by more than 2 goals, we would win in the tiebreaker. PHO in 4th, NAS in 5th and DET in 6th (All teams at 102pts).

This however doesn't take into account the Kings, who if they win all of their remaining games would finish with 103pts.

My theory might change if the Flames beat the Sharks tomorrow... Or if Chris Hansen suits up

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