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This Season is Over, but Thank You to Everyone

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I'm at a loss of what to say from the hockey side of things right now. We had a crap game and it ended our run in this year's playoffs. We might break that down a little better in the morning, but at his point all I have is thanks to a whole litany of people, communities and just assorted hooligans who have made this site simply just explode over the past couple months. So here's my pixilated stick lift (twss) to you all. 

First the guys here that help out with the site. Moridin417 or Jordan or whatever you want to call him for keeping up the links and doing all kinds of other stuff to keep the site running on days when I'm running on fumes. We'll even forgive his Flyers fandom ;) GhostofLinkGaetz for being a hooligan of the first order and also for allegedly having thrown a snake that one time. 

Thanks to all those bloggers from other sites on the network that have helped out with the site, directed people here, or helped in any way they could. PPP from Pension Plan Puppets for running the show when I was watching my first playoff series in person. He's crazy compatriot Chemmy that pushed the "Throw the Snake" frenzy to the point it got. Got me mentioned on CBC and TSN, it was crazy. Brad Lee for his posts yesterday too. Great job by all. 

To all those fans of other teams that stopped by to show support for the team, there are too many to name, but I don't know that there's a team not named the Red Wings that didn't have someone stop by to cheer us on. Just of those that I remember I know we had fans of the Maple Leafs, Blues, Canucks, Sharks, Blackhawks, Bruins, Predators, Ducks, Stars, Wild, Capitals, Penguins, Rangers, Canes, and I know there are other teams, but I can't remember if they found their way here. 

I'll even thank those Wing fans that came by and managed not to go all crazy. Discussions are fun even if I can't stand your team for whatever reason, never have. I still respect those fans that had fun and didn't act like jerks. Maybe someday you'll convince me not to hate you guys, but not right now. 

Thanks to everyone with the team that mentioned the site, or was just a good guy. I suppose that's pretty much everyone, but hey. Todd Walsh for responding to fans on twitter with a frequency. Dave Strader and Even Tyson Nash for stopping by the site and at least mentioning us here and there. Even former Color man Darren Pang pugged us on Twitter. 

Thanks to all the Coyote fans, From those that stuck with the team through the brutal summer that was and to those that jumped on the bandwagon. Hey, I know bandwagoners aren't ideal, but i'm not going to be choosey. I hope that the bandwagon people got a taste of what being in love with this game is like. Not just watching on TV, but actually going to games and feeling the game. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting large swaths of people, but that's all I have at 1am. I'm sure there will be more in the links and we'll get up some sort of a recap later (Maybe). Until then I'm just going to be thankful for what we had this year. And for all of you.