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Coyote Tracks - THANK YOU COYOTES Edition

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First, and foremost, I want to just say how proud I am of the Phoenix Coyotes and their fans.  At the end of last night's debacle game 7, at least 13,000 stayed until the final horn while standing, cheering and chanting "Let's Go Co-yotes"  It was heart-wrenching to experience, but that scene to the left just shows you what it was like, and why there is nothing that any Coyotes fan is going to be upset about when looking back on the 2009-2010 season.

Sure, it would've been wonderful to see the Coyotes take down the Red Wings and win their first ever series in Phoenix last night...but it was not meant to be.  For whatever reason the Coyotes had no jump in their step and couldn't win any of the battles for pucks that you have to win to succeed at this level.  Call it whatever you want - nerves, Detroit showing its experience, the Coyotes getting out-coached for the first time all season - it was just an ugly display of hockey on the ice.  But in the stands, the fans let the Coyotes know that it's not how anyone will remember this year and it's not going to keep them from coming back next year in force.  Coyotes hockey is here to stay.

What could've been had Shane Doan not been injured in game 3.  As Dave Tippett revealed after the game, Doan suffered a grade 3 separated shoulder...

"That injury is usually 3-4 weeks and he's trying to push it into 3-4 days," head coach Dave Tippett said after his team's 6-1 defeat. "I just felt so bad for him because he wants to play so bad. We even tried him in some battles [in practice] yesterday and it was obvious that he couldn't play at the level needed.

"It was bad enough where... it wasn't a good injury."

The Coyotes just weren't as good a team without Shane Doan despite being able to win 2 games without Captain Coyote. 

I'm sure Travis will have more at some point, and perhaps I will add some further thoughts once I get a chance to reflect on the season a bit.  For now, I just want to thank PPP, Chemmy, Brad Lee and everyone else that's made their way over to Five For Howling over the last few weeks and showed their support.  I know you all have your own teams and this confluence of events may never occur again where you are all hopping on the Coyotes bandwagon, but I hope you do swing by on occasion and be active members of our community.  We will try and do the same...

After the jump, some stuff I posted earlier in the day when I was less will be brief.

Thanks again for everything's been a hell of a ride!

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