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Coyote Tracks - WHITEOUT Wednesday April 21 Edition

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Maybe the Coyotes were too busy with the joys of the day yesterday, or just missing their captain, but by all accounts, it was a flat, tentative effort.  Now, I say that having gotten to see all of 7 minutes of actual game time live on TV...and that's with leaving work about an hour before I should have.  Thanks NHL schedulers.  Yeah, nobody in Phoenix will care if the super important fourth game of the series is on at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday.  Thanks...appreciate that.

Hopefully Travis will put up a longer recap than that because I can honestly say I don't know what happened in the game.  I love Bob Heethuis' enthusiasm on the radio, but I just never feel like I have a clue what's really going on.  So I'll leave my opening at that.

Recaps: [Travis' take] [AP via ESPN] [AZCentral's Gintonio] [Winging it in Motown]

So we're down to a best of 3 game series with 2 games at Arena with the first on Friday Night.  I hope everyone is planning on being there, and being loud.  Hopefully Shane Doan will be recovered from his upper body injury and we can get the lines reassembled and clicking.

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PHX 0 - DET 3 (Series tied at 2); PIT 7 - OTT 4 (Pittsburgh leads series 3-1); NJ 1 - PHL 4 (Philadelphia leads series 3-1); CHI 1 - NSH 4 (Nashville leads series 2-1); SJ 2 - COL 1 (OT) (Series tied at 2)

After the jump, Coyotes tailgaters, Phoenix's defense can power its offense, more...

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Coyotes fans take over Lot J outside Arena on weekend game days to tailgate...see yours truly and Travis Hair passing the puck a bit while playing street hockey...

Dave Tippett has Coyotes fans coming back for more - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
This is the story that links to the one below, so I don't really know why I'm including them both...but whatever...

Phoenix Coyotes fan's faith is restored
Follower always displays U.S., team flags at games.  A nice story about a longtime Coyotes fan.

Detroit's talent advantage slimmed by salary cap - The Globe and Mail
Phoenix had plenty of doubters even after a 107-point season but they've proven a tough test for the Wings...The G&M points out that the salary cap is preventing the Red Wings (ever so slightly) from being the Yankees of the NHL...but they neglects to mention that they've worked around it a bit by signing their superstars to very longterm deals...

Defense Is Offense In Phoenix -- NHL FanHouse
Highlighting the offensive production of the Coyotes defense throughout the season and through the first three games of the series.  Nobody produced any offense really in the game last night...

Anyways, post additional stuff that you see in the comments below.  And I am feeling too depressed to give you whimsy so send some of that too...

Ok, since you twisted my arm...a little whimsy.

Pekka Rinne saves blistering shot from.....Pekka Rinne?