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Coyote Tracks - TGIF April 2 Edition

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According to Dave Shoalts, Ice Edge will be very concerned about the Wayne Rooney injury once their $1 billion of financing comes in from Stonehenge Municipality... (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
According to Dave Shoalts, Ice Edge will be very concerned about the Wayne Rooney injury once their $1 billion of financing comes in from Stonehenge Municipality... (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well, April Fools Day was fun, thanks in large part to Ice Edge Holding's fantastic prank on David Shoalts and Brahm Resnik.  Well played, Daryl Jones, well played.  And then, as Travis reported yesterday, not only is Ice Edge not out, but the City of Glendale has approved both proposals from Ice Edge and Jerry Reinsdorf.  Now, still a lot of hurdles to jump through and everything, but all steps in the right direction to keeping the Coyotes where they belong - in the desert...

Ice Edge plays joke on Toronto paper - Phoenix Business Journal:
The Phoenix Business Journal showed some true journalistic integrity on this.  As did Puck Daddy.

Down Goes Brown: April Fools - NHL style - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
Some more April Fools humor that entertained me...

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LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PHI 4 - NYI 6; FLA 1 - BOS 0; BUF 2 - TOR 4; ATL 1 - WSH 2; CLS 2 - DET 3; CAR 3 - OTT 4 (SO); STL 2 - NSH 3; VAN 3 - LAK 8

After the jump, what makes for a successful NHL city, what's made the Coyotes successful, part deux, expanded Coyotes coverage, and more...

What are the ingredients for a potential NHL city? - From The Rink
As speculation starts to grow again for moving an NHL team, experts and fans alike are trying to decide which places are a good fit. But is anyone thinking beyond population, money, and building?

Stempniak, Howard and Sedin named NHL 'Three Stars' for March - - News
As I'm sure everyone saw, Lee Stempniak, aka Desert Ninja, was named the #1 star for the month of March - no surprise to Coyotes fans.  Jimmy Howard and Henrik Sedin were stars 2 and 3, respectively...

Phoenix Coyotes: WTF Round 2 - Behind The Net
I linked to part 1 of this examination of what's made the Coyotes successful the other day; after some spirited discussion in the comments where I was berated a bit, Hawerchuk looked for some more info.  I think we still agree to disagree, but I appreciate his determined approach.

Cash, price, lease terms challenge Coyotes sale - Phoenix Business Journal:
The Phoenix Business Journal reported on what we basically could imagine is going on in the Glendale lease negotiations. 

Will the Jets fly again? - The Globe and Mail
The Roundtable ponders an NHL return to Winnipeg and the resurgent Red Wings - the most rational discussion I've heard from Candian journalists regarding the Winnipeg stories...

Two-minute minor? - Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
Apparently Saturday night's game against the Avs was Jewish Heritage Night for the Coyotes.  An interesting article about the event and some of its issues.  As a non-practicing Jew, I applaud the Coyotes for the effort and hope they continue the event into the future...

Speaking of Coyotes events, Fan Appreciation Night is always a good time...this year, it won't even be the last game at Arena...but that's not stopping the Coyotes from pulling out all the stops.  Check out some of the plans...

Fox Sports Community - Fox Sports > Spector > Blog > Are the Phoenix Coyotes Stanley Cup Contenders?
Well, yeah...

Bettman pitches NHL as must-see TV - The Globe and Mail
Commissioner Gary Bettman woos potential team owners by dangling lucrative future television deals...2 articles from the G&M in one day...I must've hit my head or something.  An interesting take on potential revenues for the NHL as a whole...

I think we've already covered the whimsy with the April Fools stuff more links in the comments if you've got 'em.  Travis will take you through the weekend...