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If Wysh Won't Do It... Doan Face Photoshop Contest!!!1

While the Coyotes may have lost last night, there was one spectacular moment when Shane Doan scored on awesome goal and after all his hitting he made it onto the scoreboard. He was out of his mind crazy excited. And it showed as seen here:


Your mission: To use this picture or a similar one of the Doan Face to make an awesome photoshop of Shane. I don't have prizes as of yet, but if you know a guy that can hook me up or something, let me know. I mean I've got an extra Olli Jokinen Bobblehead, but who wants that?

Recap tomorrow. Exhausted.

***UPDATE*** So Wysh IS doing a contest. Linkage here: Doan Face Photoshop contest. He'll likely have prizes. And more exposure. So go do that one :)