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Coyotes 4 v. Red Wings 7: More Concentration Need


The Red Wings looked much more like the Red Wings tonight as they rode a Henrik Zetterberg hat trick to a 7-4 win. Having said that, some better goaltending by Ilya Bryzgalov would have gone a long way towards getting a better result. Too Hot to Yandle opened the scoring for the Coyotes before Wojtek Wolski jumped on a bad giveaway to make the score 2-1. He was nice enough to return that goal later on an absolutely brutal play. Matthew Lombardi broke in alone and made a nice move to make the score 3-3 but the Coyotes coughed one up in less than 90 seconds to set the stage for the celebration pictured. Shane Doan broke down the wing and made an odd man rush out of nowhere. It was a great effort but sadly all for naught.

A split at home isn't always great but this was never going to be a short series. They'll need to win one in Detroit and get two chances next week. Some improved goaltending, continued rambunctiousness, and better concentration could see them do it. Travis will be back at some point to give you a full recap but for now what did you like about the game and what did you hate and would you love to shoot the dummy that kept waving at the camera?