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Coyote Tracks - WHITEOUT TGIF April 16 Edition

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Tonight is the real test, I feel, for the Phoenix Coyotes.  Coming off an inspired effort in game 1 Wednesday night, they've set the tone and sent a loud memo to Mike Babcock and the Red Wings as to what it's going to take to win this series.  The Coyotes aren't just content having made the playoffs for the first time in 8 years, they plan on winning a series or 4.  In that light,

Red Wings will play Justin Abdelkader over Jason Williams | | Detroit Free Press

Looks like they are going to be putting in a bit more muscle.  Good idea.  The problem is that it's not just muscle for muscle's sake that Detroit really needed in the 2nd and 3rd periods yesterday as the Coyotes started to control the play.  It was a lot of desire and some more juice in their legs.  As I mentioned yesterday, the Red Wings have been playing playoff style hockey for 6 weeks now, and they looked tired towards the end of the game.  I expect them to come out re-energized tonight.  I also have a feeling the Coyotes will be raring to go as well.

One other note about Wednesday night's game.  I've read a lot of stuff, and I'll probably link to it a bit after the jump, about how the Coyotes were running players late, intending to injure, etc. etc., particularly Shane Doan.  I don't know - maybe I just wasn't seeing everything from my seats, but it just looked like a physical game.  This was nothing different than Pittsburgh last year actively targeting Kimmo Timmonen in the opening round against the Flyers; in fact, it wasn't anything like that, because it was indiscriminate.  If you had a white jersey on last night and you got the puck, you got hit.  Period, end of story. 

Second, as for the tin foil hat society; the refs missed a few they do every single game.  The high stick on Nicklas Lidstrom seems to be the most egregious one and I can say that I missed it.  Now, I'm not an NHL referee, but Ed Jovanovski took a nice two handed slash during the third that went uncalled, Zbynek Michalek was taken down trying to clear the zone in the second and nothing was called.  It was officiating, and it wasn't that one sided.  Further, on the "interference" call on the game winner by Derek Morris; I've seen a few replays and it seemed like Darren Helm lost his edge before touching Doan as they both went into the circle after the puck was dropped and they both went down.  Maybe in the regular season, first period of a game it gets called, but I was not surprised the refs swallowed their whistles there.

Anyways, game, new officials (maybe)...let's just have more fun with what started out as a great series!

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  MTL 3 - WSH 2 (OT) (Montreal leads series 1-0); BOS 1 - BUF 2 (Buffalo leads series 1-0); LAK 2 - VAN 3 (OT) (Vancouver leads series 1-0).

After the jump, Wayne Gretzky chats video games and Coyotes, could the NHL salary cup be going up next year, and what is up with the Sedin twins...

Public funds would back Phoenix Coyotes bidder
Jerry Reinsdorf could get $165 mil from Glendale, but it could be much less as well, depending on how the CFD gets structured and how the team performs over the next several years.

online video - channel 12 news video - arizona republic video - phoenix video
Some video from Wednesday night's whiteout...good times, indeed.

Phoenix Coyotes fans embrace WhiteOut, team
Fans showed pride in the team's highly successful season.

Michael Rosenberg: In desert heat, Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard must keep his cool | | Detroit Free Press
This is just a wow piece.  Even the Detroit fans commenting on it (other than the tinfoil hat society) seem to recognize that the Coyotes were the team outworking the Wings for most of the game.

Believe it: Coyotes are contenders - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
A season that began with questions about what city the Phoenix Coyotes would end up in has turned into a success on and off the ice - National Hockey League news

"Record-Breaking Business" = Higher Cap? - From The Rink
Do the NHL's "record-breaking business" numbers mean a higher salary cap?

NHL Network Online - Phoenix Coyotes: 04/15/10 Dave Tippett Addresses Media
Coyotes Head Coach Dave Tippett addresses the media after Thursday's practice. With the NHL Video Portal you get greatest collection of NHL video content

Coyotes Find Comfort Zone, Use Special Teams to 'Upset' Detroit -- NHL FanHouse

Puck Daddy chats with Wayne Gretzky about Coyotes' success, owning another NHL team and his head bleeding in video games - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Your Friday whimsy are two stories covering the same topics in different ways (kinda like Pearl Jam's "Footsteps" and Temple of the Dog's "Times of Trouble")...

NHL, Canucks shocked as Sedin twins reveal they are one really, really good player | Intent to Blow
Shockwaves were sent across the NHL Thursday morning when Vancouver Canucks forward Henrik Sedin revealed in a press conference that he has no twin brother

BREAKING: Sedins aren't Twins - Jewels From The Crown
Or is it that the Sedin twins aren't actually twins, but rather triplets leading a bizarre triple life...

Ok, PPP has the reigns for the gameday thread and after Wednesday's showing, I imagine that it is going to be a good time that you don't want to miss.  If you're in attendance at the game, hopefully we will see you there...Let's Go Coyotes!!! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!