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Coyote Tracks - THROW THE SNAKE April 15 Edition

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The Coyotes and their fans celebrate after Derek Morris gives them a 3-2 lead in Game 1.  I am so in this photo!  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
The Coyotes and their fans celebrate after Derek Morris gives them a 3-2 lead in Game 1. I am so in this photo! (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Ok, I don't even really know how to start this thing today.  What an amazing game last night was...the entire playoff atmosphere around Arena was completely amazing.  If anyone who watched this game or was at the arena still has some doubts about the viability of hockey in Phoenix...well, you must be David Shoalts.  Seriously, I've been to some crazy amped up arenas in my day, and that was simply amazing.  Standing ovations for penalty kills midway through the second period...the fans were engaged, loud and louder.  The Coyotes started the game a bit jittery as Tippett said in his presser, but they really took the play to the Red Wings in the second and third periods.

I cannot wait until Friday night.

Major thank you to PPP for taking over duties here last night with the gameday thread, and to everyone that came from all the SBNation sites...I've gotten through the first period took 37 was fabulous.  If I didn't have to write this post and go to work in the morning, I'd read the rest right now...I might just skim them...

Throw The Snake Reaches Its Zenith - Pension Plan Puppets
Tracking the origins and history of "Throw The Snake" - I'm not sure it gets much bigger than the win, but if it did this is it.  When I told Travis what happened on CBC, he just about fainted.  This video is all sorts of awesome.  Congrats to Chemmy and Travis for the major shout-out!!!

Recaps from last night: [Travis' take] [AP via ESPN] [AZCentral's Gintonio] [Winging it in Motown]

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  DET 2 - PHX 3!!!!; PHL 2 - NJ 1; OTT 5 - Pit 4; COL 2 - SJ 1

After the jump, a few final words (for now) on #throwthesnake, Gretzky picks a Hart winner, and some more stuff...just follow the jump...

Great moments in slithery: Fans throw snakes on Coyotes ice - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Some of the better screencaps of the snake...truly an amazing moment in Twitter hockey memes...

Phoenix Coyotes former stars, coach happy for success
Jeremy Roenick, Keith Tkachuk and Rick Bownes have a rooting interest in their former team in the NHL playoffs.

Like the 1988-89 Phoenix Suns, this season's Coyotes rose from ashes
Like the post-drug-scandal Suns, this year's Coyotes have risen from the ashes in a city known for second comings.

How Will Phoenix's Major League Tale End? - From The Rink
Life has imitated art, as the Phoenix Coyotes have lived a script straight from Hollywood. With the playoffs set to start tonight, how will it end?

Dave Tippett back in the playoffs with Phoenix - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports

Experts: 10 questions for the first round of Stanley Cup playoffs - ESPN
With the Stanley Cup playoffs kicking off Wednesday, our experts took some time to ponder what lies ahead. Scott Burnside, Pierre LeBrun and Barry Melrose answer these 10 burning questions.

The 10 storylines we'll be watching this postseason at - ESPN
As the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs get under way Wednesday night, here are 10 storylines we'll be watching this postseason's 10 players to watch in 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs - ESPN
As the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs get under way Wednesday night, here are 10 players we will be keeping on our radar this spring.

Phoenix Coyotes Hockey on AZ Vibe " The Snake-Free Coyotes/Red Wings 2010 Playoff Preview

Phoenix Coyotes playoffs: Questions and answers
The Republic's Coyotes beat reporter, Jim Gintonio, poses 10 questions and, with help from coach Dave Tippett and others, offer the answers.

Ok, that's a bunch of probably day old Coyotes-related playoff preview stuff.  Good reads all.

Gretzky: My Hart Trophy vote would go to Bryzgalov - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
I'll be very curious to see the whole interview...

FSAZ announces additional channel for Coyotes, Diamondbacks games
Fox Sports Arizona Plus will allow Coyotes and Diamondbacks games to be broadcast simultaneously.  Yup, the Coyotes have forced FSAZ to add an additional channel for the playoffs...nice.

#WhiteOutShenanigans @Lomborita @Larry_w_REMAX HOWL!!! He is going to hate me tomorrow | TweetPhoto
Funny stuff prior to Game 1...

Ok, I think the whimsy from #throwthesnake is so surreal that I can't even think to add more right now.  It was great to see Joel and TimmyHate and MPallen23 and everyone else before and after the game...I'll see everyone out at Arena on Friday night, but we'll be back here all day today and tomorrow leading up to it...

We've still got room on the Whiteout Bandwagon, so hop on board...