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Glendale Gets It's Man In Approving Jerry Reinsdorf

So all the backroom dealing finally paid off. The City of Glendale and the NHL finally got the guy it wanted in Jerry Reinsdorf. It may just be part one of this process, but looks like he'll be the new owner of this team. I'm not really happy with how this went down, but at least it looks like we have a new owner. 

Basically it went down like this. The Ice Edge guys were informed about some of the language being problematic. They said "Okay, take it out" The city said no. Then rejected the offer because of the language. End of Ice Edge. That's the simple version. Then even though there are issues with the Glendale Hockey LLC MoU, and the Goldwater Institute has said they'll likely challenge it, the board unanimously approved their MoU.

Sounds a little fishy at least right? It does to me. But it's over with. The City got their guy and that's that. 

Now everyone that dislikes the team can go crazy about the "out clause" that really isn't one. It's incredibly hard to even get to a point where it's usable. Aside from hiring Jerry Moyes to run the team again there's no way this group tanks as hard as necessary to make it happen. THEN even if it does, the City gets the chance to find a local buyer first for a minimum price of 103 million dollars. Um... I imagine people would be interested in that. 

Basically hockey for the near and middle future are secure in the valley when this gets finalized and that's something I could live with. Just as a note though, you might want someone visible with your group to start talking directly to fans sometime soon. Ice Edge had support because they were good guys and made friends with the fans and engaged them. That approach is something this fanbase could really use right now and you'd be wise to learn from it.