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Coyote Tracks - Whiteout Wednesday April 14 Edition

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Ok, the whiteout is upon us Coyotes fans.  Travis will have the preview and gameday thread up later in the day, and I hope to see a lot of you tonight at the game.  Be loud, be proud.

The big news from last night is that the Glendale City Council has approved the lease with Jerry Reinsdorf's group to purchase the Coyotes:

Glendale goes with Reinsdorf, kills Ice Edge lease for Phoenix Coyotes - Phoenix Business Journal:

A lot of us here at Five For Howling were excited about the Ice Edge group and their attitude about hockey in the valley.  I don't know enough about the Reinsdorf proposal and what happened last night to fully comment on it, so I'll let Travis take care of that later today.  It's good news that a new owner looks poised to take the reins.  The Coyotes should be looking to stay in the valley for many years to come...

After the jump, some more playoff previews, the Coyotes beard-a-thon gets more press...

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If adversity builds character, the Phoenix Coyotes are approaching sainthood.

Phoenix Coyotes' Bryzgalov ready to prove himself again
The Phoenix Coyotes goaltender hopes to make another mark in the playoffs. NHL Playoff Preview 2010
The Coyotes look to fair well when the simulation runs its course...

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Phoenix Coyotes playoffs: Questions and answers
The Republic's Coyotes beat reporter, Jim Gintonio, poses 10 questions and, with help from coach Dave Tippett and others, offer the answers.

Discussing success, suspicions and future of Phoenix Coyotes - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Take heed of Wysh's note in the intro...a good read, generally...

FTR Roundtable: Pre-Playoff Edition - From The Rink
Regular season surprises and disappointments, Stanley Cup playoff predictions and more -- check out the FTR roundtable

5 Breakout Stars
Some players poised to breakout and show their mettle in the playoffs.


Phoenix Coyotes Pimping "Beard-A-Thon" for Playoff Run - Phoenix News - Valley Fever
One of the finer -- and least hygienic -- traditions in the game of puck...find me at the Coyotes site and give me your support.  I'll post a picture of my 5 day old playoff beard later in the day, hopefully.

Ok, it's very late, I'm tired after the Vampire Weekend concert and need to get some sleep.  If there's important stuff going on, post it in the comments.  Hope to see everyone at the Whiteout tonight.