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Olive Branch For Detroit Fans: If You Want It Or Not

It's come to my attention that more than a few Red Wing fans have taken issue with my list of things that should happen at our home game. Specifically the fact that (before I changed it) It said that maybe we should punch Red Wing fans. That was a joke. Maybe a bad one, but it was. I don't want people getting hurt at games. Fights in the stands are stupid and one of my least favorite things about sporting events. I wasn't trying to tick people off or incite things. I was rilling people up to get them excited. It apparently worked. Though if anyone on this site ever hits someone at a game consider yourself banned. 

The rest of the list was harmless at if you're getting all upset about a Fresca joke or a snake joke or giving someone the bird then I'm just sorry for you. We'll talk real stats and why the match-up is good/bad/otherwise, but in the meantime your jokes about attendance are old too. As if we hadn't heard them ten thousand times this summer.

I got nothing else. If all you have time to do is worry about what your opponent's blog is telling it's own fans then Turn on NHL channel or something and watch a game. It's more entertaining.

I'll say this too though: My bad for taking it away from the Hockey. This is the reason why I didn't want to play the Wings, because the transplanted fans here are no fun. We'll focus on that though from here on out, or try to, and everything should be just fine. Cool? Cool.