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Important Considerations RE:Throw The Snake (#throwthesnake)

Just as an FYI to anyone and everyone that got in on the craziness that is/was Throw the Snake:

The Coyotes told me that anyone throwing any type of object is subject to being thrown out of the arena. And that that person may not be allowed back in for future games. 

Also: Anyone throwing objects onto the ice will be warned once and if the crowd does it again the team could be assessed a 2 minute delay of game penalty. 

I just want to be clear: I cannot endorse the throwing of objects onto the ice. Period. At all. Nada. Comprende?

Also, no live snakes. Seriously. Don't even do that. Not even jokingly. 

Finally: This is all Chemmy's (@felixpotvin) fault.

Does everyone got that class? I'm telling you not to throw snakes.