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Laying Down the Law - Playoff Protocol

To Everyone:

This site is, first and foremost, a site for Coyotes fans to talk Coyotes, yell at other teams and generally just chat. Despite what you may have heard this is not necessarily somewhere where all speech is free. If you come to this site simply to troll or be a jerk you will be banned. Period. That's the simple side of the story. You take issue with a post that's a joke (P.S. Not seriously saying to punch out Red Wing fans just in case you couldn't connect the dots on that) whatever. If you're a Detroit fan or other fan that wants to talk stats in a post about them or just hang out and be a nice guy, yes they exist, then that's great. Just be warned, this is the playoffs. People get excited. People get illogical. It happens. We'll do our best to reign in people here but you've been warned. I'm pretty quick with the trigger finger on this banhammer here so if you think it's something that will get smacked down it probably is.

Maybe this should be more good natured and fun, but quite honestly I'm not expecting that. I'd list all the reasons why, but that would be boring. Let's just say this: the amount of times Coyote fans have had positive interations with fans of the Red Wings here in our own arena are far far less than the negatives. There's a reason our fans don't like yours and we can argue about that being baseless until you're blue in the face, but it's just how it is. You want to prove us wrong then do so, show us that Detroit fans can be cool people that respect the other team then I'm all about that. I know that's painting with a broad brush and that in general people are cool and try to be polite. It's just not the Coyote fan experience so far with your team's fans in general. 

So here's the basics: If people on both sides don't have nice things to say just stay on your own site. Want to talk Wings? That's what is for. Want to talk Coyotes stay here. Got a problem with that? Too bad. And to make sure that that happens if fans of this site go to the Detroit site just to get banned, warned etc. you can expect the same to happen here. That's not to say you can't go to either site if you're on the opposite side, just keep it civil and we're cool. 

Hope that made some sort of sense. Just be cool or be banned.