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Coyote Tracks - Whiteout Monday April 12 Edition

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Ok, I think I have heat stroke after my soccer game today and just realized I needed to do a links post...this will be quick with more stuff to come as we prepare for the start of Whiteout 2010 on Wednesday night.  Travis' has laid down the commandments, make sure you abide by them, folks.

YESTERDAY'S NHL SCORES:  NYR 1 - PHL 2 (SO - Go Flyers!  If you watched, Olli Jokinen got stoned by Brian Boucher on the final shootout attempt...good times); BOS 4 - WSH 3 (SO); DET 3 - CHI 2 (OT); LA 2 - COL 1 (OT); BUF 1 - NJ 2; PIT 6 - NYI 5 (OT); TB 3 - FLA 1; EDM 2 - ANA 7

After the jump, all your playoff schedule needs, Scottie Upshall - radio analyst and more...

Your 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff first-round TV schedule - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Get all the information for all the match-ups there.  Just remember, Coyotes - Red Wings starts Wednesday evening at 7 PM...don't miss out, don't let the Wings fans come into our building and try and assert themselves, and for god's sake keep the Octopi out...

Reinsdorf's Coyotes bid favoured by league - The Globe and Mail
While he may have the unofficial blessing of the NHL, White Sox owner will face scrutiny of local politicians and watchdog group concerning use of public funds... blogs - Brahm Resnik blog - Brahm1700 - What Goldwater is saying about Glendale deals
And Brahm Resnik does a good job actually showing the questions and answers that the Goldwater Group opposed to Shoalts' stilted and open-ended journalism above...

ASIDE - having read through both MOUs, I can honestly say that Travis got most of the points in his first post and I think that the Goldwater Institute is touching on the other item that jumped out at me.  The Reinsdorf Group doesn't seem to be taking any risk and putting any money where their mouth is on this deal, according to their MOU.  Now, exactly how the CFDs will be structured and where the money from ticket and parking will go is still not entirely clear from either deal, but at least IEH appears to be taking some of the responsibility for making things work...

Scottie Upshall recently has joined Coyotes play-by-play announcer Bob Heethuis in the radio broadcast booth.

Red Wings get worst possible draw of opponents in Phoenix Coyotes |
Don't believe the trash being thrown from most Red Wings fans' mouth over the next two days...anybody that believes that the Coyotes are anyone's idea of a good draw for these playoffs is crazy.  We've seen the playoffs turn far more solid goaltenders than Jimmy Howard into swiss cheese.  Ilya Bryzgalov has proven in the past that he has the mettle to deal with these types of games...let's see if Howard does as well.

Video: Evander Kane KO's Cooke, becomes beloved in Boston - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
It's not so much whimsy, as all sorts of awesome.  Noted cheap shot artist Matt Cooke gets what's coming to him from Evander Kane...good man.