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Coyotes Match Sharks in Regulation, but Fall Short in Shootout 3-2.

Well it wasn't the end to the regular season we were looking for, but once again we came back and played an excellent 3rd period, but lost in the shootout. Rare for us I know. The Closer made a different move than usual and it just didn't work out. Rather than going high glove side he tried to get all fancy with the five hole and got blocked. 

I think this one just gets the bullet points from here on out though to conserve energy for the WHITEOUT!


  • How ninja was that Lee Stempniak goal? Fakes out San Jose and just wraps it right around an in past Nabokov. If you haven't seen it, check out the highlights below. That's why we like the guy so much. 
  • Lombardi's goal was equally nice with a blast from the slot that surprised everyone. 
  • We really need to have the energy that we have in the 3rd period of games lately throughout the entire game in the playoffs. 
  • Bryz was solid even though he gave up a couple and a couple in the shootout. Not a bad outing, we just need to be more active on taking shots.
  • The refs are ready for the playoffs as they really swallowed their whistles. Only a delay of game on Ilya Bryzgalov when he lifted the puck over the glass and one on Sami Lepisto for holding. At least if that keeps up we don't have to worry about the power play being totally terrible. 
  • Dany Heatley - Total Douchebag.
  • I hope the Wings fall to 7th so that we get to watch San Jose - Detroit. 

That's all I got. Go Hawks' (Valid today only)