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David Shoalts, Terrible Journalist, Gets PUNKD by Ice Edge Joke

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Five For Howling's favorite Toronto "Journalist" David Shoats once again shows why he's the "best" in the business with this gem of a story in today's globe and mail. (Screen shot just in case they take it down) In it he outlines Ice Edge's dropping out of the bidding process for the Coyotes In order to buy an even more expensive team in the Manchester United of the English Premier League. Not only that, but to quote the story he says:

Ice Edge will finance the soccer purchase, which should be in excess of $1-billion, primarily through revenue bonds issued through the Stonehenge Municipality, just outside of London, England.

So basically he's saying that they're going to line up a BILLION dollars in financing while in other stories questioning the ability of the group to get the 160 million to get the Coyotes. What's hilarious is that this news came from nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. It's not like he made it up. He got it from a "source" and actually ran with it. Why would you do that? This is quite possibly the laziest ass reporting I've ever seen! I mean I hate the guy and make no bones about that but really? Where is your journalism degree from? Cracker Jacks University? Just to note. This entire thing is false!

One thing I love too is that local reporter Brahm Resnik, who appears to be auditioning for a job with the Globe, retweeted it immediately. Then 10 minutes later it fell flat and he and Shoalts both deleted the tweets about it. Hilarious. Brahm seems a nice enough guy, but is pretty bias on this issue.

UPDATE: It looks like the guys from IEH in fact were the ones behind the announcement. According to the Phoenix Business Journal:

The Globe and Mail went with the story and posted it on its Web site Thursday afternoon. Jones acknowledged it was all an April Fool's Day joke aimed at easing the mood around the Coyotes situation, which has been stirring passions in Canada.

Please let these guys get the team. If they're this good at F-ing with the media, actual ownership should be good times.

UPDATE 2: Per @dshoalts on twitter (David Shoalts' Twitter account): "One large mea culpa: I am sorry for being so incredibly stupid in falling for the Ice Edge "story." No excuse for this."

HAHAHAHAHAHA. That is all.