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Coyote Tracks - Thursday April 1 Edition

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F--- it.  I don't feel like doing links today, so no links for today...nothing to see here...move along to the other wonderful stories at Five For Howling and the rest of SB Nation...









Alright, I'm just kidding.  April Fool's and all...last night's game with the Flames reminded me a lot of a football game where the team you're cheering for dominates play for the entire first half, but is only able to score two field goals.  Come the second half and the opposition gets one nice play or a lucky drive and they score a touchdown.  So despite completely outplaying the other team, your team is behind...the Coyotes dominated the entire first period and the start of the second before giving up a power play goal on a lucky bounce off of Rene Bourque.  The Flames would then increase their lead off of a missed coverage and a goal by Ales Kotalik.  The Coyotes had opportunities and hit posts, Miikka Kiprusoff made nice saves and what can you say?  Lee Stempniak scored another goal and the Coyotes gave it a good run at the end, but they just couldn't get the game tied up...Jason LaBarbera was solid, but the team just couldn't get it done...alas...bring the A game on Saturday night against Edmonton boys...

Recaps from last night.  [Travis' take] [AP via ESPN] [Matchsticks & Gasoline]

If you happened to miss this story about the Glendale City Council vote that I posted in the fanshots, I'd go read that right now...I take it as a pretty positive story, personally.

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PHX 1 - CAL 2; FLA 2 - BUF 6; CAR 2 - MTL 1; TB 2 - PIT 0; CHI 4 - MIN 0; SJ 1 - DAL 5; ANA 5 - COL 2

After the much stuff, that I can't even summarize it properly here...just click on the
continue reading this link below and get started...

Coyotes maintain Phoenix pride - The Globe and Mail
With their first playoff appearance since 2002 mood in the Valley of the Sun upbeat despite Winnipeg rumours...yeah, that's from the G&M...maybe they will finally get a hint and stop trying to take our team...

Why Kesler’s hit from behind is a test for the new NHL ‘Head Shot’ rule | - All Sports. All Phoenix.
A final word about the Ryan Kesler hit on Derek Morris - not the hit's legality, but how it falls within the new NHL headshot ban, if at all...

Phoenix Coyotes: WTF? - Behind The Net
Coyotes are far out-performing their projected performance.  Some of it has been outstanding goaltending, but there's a bit more that goes into thing I don't agree with, though...Coyotes should not be a "serious underdog" against any team this postseason...[s/t to Cornelius Hardenbergh who posted this in the Fan Shots]

Sports Jerseys Canada Blog: Hot and Cold Teams in the NHL
Coyotes and Red Wings are the hottest teams since March 1 in terms of points per game earned...and this has been very prophetic of post-season success in the past...good news. [s/t to Fezzies Car for this one]

Expect These Playoff Newcomers To Excel In The Second Season - From The Rink
Postseason newbies like Tuukka Rask, Dustin Brown, T.J. Galiardi, Tyler Myers, Martin Hanzal and John Carlson could impact this year's playoffs.  I know @YotesGurl saw this one already, but some Marty love!!! | News | Headlines | Jovanovski Ready for Playoff Action
Hopefully he is ready to bring the Jovocop to the postseason!

Return to Phoenix has Morris' confidence rising - - NHL Insider
Returning to Phoenix has been better than Derek Morris could have hoped for as he discovered a team with a can-do attitude and results.

Phoenix Coyotes have depth with 8 defensemen
James Vandermeer, Sami Lepsito seeing less ice time but ready to step in when needed.  This is a great strength going into the postseason...god forbid someone gets hurt, the Coyotes will be well stocked with guys to step up.

The Coyotes on Wednesday signed defenseman Chris Summers to an entry level contract.  Here's a guy that will be adding to that depth in the future.  Go Blue! (hopefully unlike other UM alums Kevin Porter, Al Montoya and Chad Kolarik, he will make it with the big club)

NHL Power Rankings: The One In Which We Race To The Playoffs - SB Nation
After a small hiatus, the SB Nation NHL Power Rankings are back. While the teams at the top may not surprise you, the teams that made the final 16 might, including some teams that just don't seem like they want to make the playoffs.

Meet the Phoenix Coyotes playoff team 2010
With Phoenix's first NHL playoff appearance since 2002 assured, we offer a two-a-day look at the postseason-bound Coyotes.  Paul Bissonnette says that clothes are his thing - I can't even make this stuff up...

Your e-mails are my guide into your team's soul - NHL - ESPN
For as long as the Bucci Blogumn has existed, you fellow fans have e-mailed. In droves. Our scribe taps into those hockey vibes and gives the latest fan-base pulse for all 30 teams.  He takes the obligatory knock at the size of the fanbase, but notes that the bandwagon is growing...

Daily Herald | Reinsdorf still making it interesting
An interesting look at Jerry Reinsdorf as his name keeps getting further and further entrenched in this whole Coyotes ownership imbroglio...

Two shot of whimsy...

American Hockey Fan: Hit up Sean Avery's Bar Tonight-
I just don't really know what to say about this one, but figured it's worth a look...

Parody Will Be Made: NHL playoff ads inspire Web sensation - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Ignore the one about expansion teams and enjoy the fabulous parodies of the new NHL Stanley Cup Playoff commercials.  The Mighty Ducks one is truly fantastic...