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The Coyotes' Magic Number





What's a magic number you might be wondering? Well the magic number is how many wins it will take for a given team to make it into the playoffs regardless of how many games any other teams win. So today's number of 8.5 means that the Coyotes need 8 wins and can get one other point via an overtime loss and absolutely make the playoffs no matter what. Now does that mean that that's all we want to win in order to get the best possible playoff seeding? Surely not, but considering how long it's been since we tasted postseason glory a countdown seemed like a great idea. 

Now while opposing wins may not effect our number, the losses of teams clamoring for the spots below us will. For example every time the Flames, Red Wings and teams right on the cusp of getting in lose a game the threshold to get in goes down and so will our magic number. We're less effected by teams such as the Kings who are practically on pace with us. 

Going forward I'll drop in the games that bring our number down in the Daily Links, or If there's enough to write about all on it's own on a busy day I might break it out again. Here's to seeing the countdown hit a nice zero!