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Coyote Tracks - Monday March 8 Edition

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What a nice weekend.  Coyotes dominate the Ducks on Saturday night to the tune of 4-0.  Ilya Bryzgalov gets his 7th shutout of the season, and 34th win setting a franchise record.  With 16 games left on the schedule for the Coyotes, they sit at 83 points, 10 points ahead of Calgary sitting in 9th position (full standings here).

Then today, Coyotes Carnival was good times.  Got to speak with Dave Tippett for a little and thank him for what he's done with this team.  He, naturally, gave full credit to the team who has he said "has worked really hard."  No doubt they will be pushing hard for these last 16 games and then into the playoffs. 

As we learned on Friday night, Darren Pang (@Panger40) reads the site - Hey Panger!!!; as I learned yesterday so do Dave Strader (@TheVoiceDS) and Bob Heethuis.  Hope we can keep providing coverage of this great team that is worth their support.  Along those lines, we are still tracking the NHL's suit against Jerry Moyes, and hopefully we will track down a copy of the complaint early this week.  You know we'll have it up as soon as possible.

YESTERDAY'S NHL SCORES:  DET 5 - CHI 4; BOS 1 - PIT 2; VAN 4 - NSH 2; CGY 5 - MIN 2; CAR 4 - ATL 0; NJ 0 - EDM 2; TOR 1; PHI 3; BUF 2 - NYR 1 (OT); MTL 4 - ANA 3 (SO)

A lot of folks may have seen the ridiculous story on a website to remain nameless here about the "imminent" move of the Coyotes to Winnipeg.  Needless to say, at the Coyotes Carnival various sources confirmed from GMDM and Doug Moss that this wasn't a bit true...notably, it even would've been news to the Winnipeg Mayor:

Winnipeg mayor denies NHL rumours | Hockey | Sports | Calgary Sun
If the NHL is on its way back to Winnipeg, Mayor Sam Katz says he doesn't know about it. blogs - Ice Chips - JimGintonio - More nonsense from north of the border
Even Gintonio is laughing at these folks...

Coyotes see uptick in fan attendance - Phoenix Business Journal:
And why not - this team is looking playoff bound and the crowds keep getting bigger...keep on showing up folks, make this just an entirely moot point!!!

Last, but not least, this is the play of the day yesterday that will be getting the most press.  I think Puck Daddy breaks it down nicely for your perusal...

Video: Savard stretchered off after Matt Cooke head-shot - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Coyotes have a few days off until Vancouver comes to town on Wednesday...I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about between now and then...