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The NHL is Now Suing Jerry Moyes, Laughter From Fans Ensues

Reuters is now reporting that the NHL has filed suit against former Coyotes Owner Jerry Moyes. The NHL brought the case in order to seek more than 61 million dollars in damages that they claim the team has or will incur due to Moyes' scheme to sell the team to Jim Balsillie in violation of agreements he had with the National Hockey League. The League says that the following things are what they're looking to collect on from that 61 million:

  • $30 million for violations of the agreement
  • $10 million for aiding and abetting violations of the Coyotes' fiduciary duty to the league
  • $10 million of punitive damages
  • $11.6 million to cover amounts that the NHL paid to Coyotes creditors.
  • The NHL said it may also seek to recover $8 million that represents unpaid salary owed to Wayne Gretzky, whether Gretzky is owed that money will be determined in the bankruptcy case.

We'll try to get our hands on the Complaint in the case as well, which should outline what exactly is going on here. Besides most of us are nearly lawyers just from following all this junk in the offseason.

As a fan of the team this move couldn't thrill me more. I hope Moyes gets his comeuppance and has to pay through the nose for all he's done to the team.

Please add your thoughts gloating in the comments.