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Yeah, We Booed Peter Mueller and I'm Okay With That.

In every interview he's done so far about the trade deadline, GM Don Maloney has often said that he wishes Peter Mueller the best. Up until Wednesday that was true for me as well. I knew that it was likely we'd trade him, but I didn't want to give up on the kid for being in a slump. Stuff happens. He got a concussion. His confidence was down. Whatever. I used those excuses for him too. That was until I found out that he requested a trade months ago.

So what's the big deal? Why does it matter? He just wanted a "change of scenery" right? I'll tell you why it matters. Because now I feel cheated. I stood up for the kid. I thought he could make it work here. I thought that HE wanted to make it work here. But it turns out he just plain didn't want to work. He requested a trade and when that didn't happen just simply didn't show up any more. Was Dave Tippett's system really that hard? Hit a guy. Work hard, Play some defense. It doesn't seem like that should be that big of an order.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this. Maybe it was really just that bad of a fit and he knew it. Maybe Muels just wasn't working even though he was trying. but it certainly didn't look like it 90% of the time. This is coming from someone that wanted to find the good things he was doing. Gave Peter props when he had a game that he looked engaged in even if he wasn't producing. I just feel burned and a little betrayed.

Did I boo him last night? Maybe a little, at least on the inside. I'm certainly not surprised that other fans did. What about you dear reader? How do you feel about Peter now?