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Coyotes Fail to Do Much of Anything in 4-1 Loss to Canucks

I'm going to keep this short simply so that I can match the effort level that the Coyotes seemed to put into their game against the Canucks last night. From the drop of the puck things were just terrible. Bryzgalov let in one hell of a soft goal to start things off less than a minute in and then shortly there after the team collectively turned the puck over right in front of the net. 2-0 early. It just got worse and even though we managed to get one goal on a 5 minute power play we just never really had anything going. Ilya Bryzgalov would let another terrible goal in when he passed it right to Henrik Sedin behind the net who just wrapped it around and in. At that point I pretty much blocked the rest of the game out. THey got another goal, but I don't even remember it. It was just brutal.

Once again turnovers were the culprit. It just seemed like anything involving stick handling was a bust. We couldn't skate with the puck. We couldn't pass the puck. We could barely shoot the puck. Roberto Luongo did a good job of stopping the chances we did have, but man. We just looked asleep at the wheel. 

We go into Calgary tonight and better step our game up. Only 5 left to make sure we're ready for the big time.