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Coyote Tracks - Sunday March 28

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Nothing witty or funny here today. Just some quick links because I said so! Video - HNIC talks a lot about a lot of stuff that's mostly just crapping on the Flames. But then at the end there's a quick quote about the City of Glendale deciding on some stuff this Tuesday. Corss your finger. And toes. Maybe your eyes too.

Everyone in West playoffs has a chance | Dallas Stars News | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
There aren't really any standouts yet on who could walk away with the West. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. 

MLB commissioner Bud Selig vows no 'Cubs tax' - Another blow to the 8% tax that the Cactus league wanted to put on tickets. What's that have to do with the Yotes? Well if you read the link about the taxing districts from yesterday that's looking to be more and more the answer to these issues. That would make it possible for a special tax district for Westgate helping the Coyotes too.

That's all I have for now. You got stuff? Post it in the comments!