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Coyote Tracks - Saturday March 27th - IT'S SATURDAY!

I'm not entirely sure what this video means at all. What I do understand from it though is... IT'S SATURDAY!! IT'S SATURDAY!!! And that my Coyodudes and Coyodudettes means that it's hockey night in the desert. The preview will be up later with a gamethread and anything else I can think of... But first... THE LINKS!

In case you hadn't heard yet the game tonight is sold out. There may be a few SRO tickets out there still to be had, but I wouldn't count on it. The upside is that the Avs aren't a team that invades the building with bandwagoners like the Blackhawks or Red Wings.Oh yeah... There's something else important tomorrow. What is it...? OH YEAH!

Starting at 10am this morning you can get all your single game tickets to the Coyotes White Out starting at $25 for the nosebleeds. Get 'em today!

Coyotes looking to clinch playoff spot Saturday - - NHL Insider
The Coyotes could clinch a playoff spot Saturday in front a sellout crowd. If Calgary loses earlier in the day we'll automatically be in, or with a win or overtime loss we'll likewise be in. 

Four playoff spots could be clinched on Saturday - - Game Previews
Four teams have the opportunity to punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup Playoffs during a 12-game Saturday schedule in the NHL. The Coyotes aren't the only ones. The Devils, Penguins and Sabres are all looking to get in today as well. 

Former Bruin Derek Morris Happy to Be Part of Cinderella Story in Phoenix - NHL -
DMo is just glad to be in the hunt for the playoffs. But now he's part of a Cinderella story here in the Valley.

Arizona’s pro sports teams battle for ticket sales - Phoenix Business Journal:
The Coyotes aren't the only story in town. With the Suns on a run and the DBacks season about to bigin there's plenty of great sports to be had in town.

Gretzky thrilled by success of Phoenix Coyotes - - NHL Insider
Wayne Gretzky says he is happy as can be with the success of the Phoenix Coyotes this season. Even says Bryz should be MVP. Good on him.

Tax districts eyed to help White Sox owner buy Coyotes - Phoenix Business Journal:
Reinsdorf may really be in the mix with his guy Kaites looking to get the tax districts up for the Cubs new stadium in Mesa and by doing so get the same thing allowed out in Glendale.

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