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Coyote Tracks - Monday March 22 Edition

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9 in a row!  Franchise record!  WTF?!?!  What more can you ask for?  Seriously, Coyotes fans...what more can you possibly ask for?

Actually, there is one thing I could ask for.  Win some games in regulation, or at the least in the OT period.  Don't get me wrong - I want the Coyotes winning lots of games however they manage it.  And the shootout is there to be taken advantage of and I am happy they are finally good at the shootout.  However, the Coyotes need to remember that in the postseason (where we are headed in 24 short days!!!), there is no shootout, no matter how long the Coyotes keep the game tied.  I have no doubt that the Coyotes will be able to win these close games during the postseason, but I'd like to see them take that mindset right now.  Push it as hard as you can during the OT boys...I'm happy however we win these games, especially if we can takeover first in the Pacific, but let's get adjusted to winning during sudden death.

Anyways, that is a very, very small nitpick.  Go Coyotes!!!

Recaps for yesterday's win:  Travis' take is here... [AP via ESPN] ['s take] [AZCentral] [YotesGurl's take]

Don't look now, but the Coyotes are on top of the Pacific division...

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PHX 3 - DAL 2 (SO); ATL 3 - PHL 1; NYR 1 - BOS 2; CGY 3 - MIN 4; BUF 5 - CAR 3; TB 2 - FLA 5; NSH 3 - STL 2; SJ 1 - EDM 5; COL 2 - ANA 5

After the jump, is Ice Edge just a bad dream, Bryzzie has as much confidence as we do, and the best and worst trades of this season (hint, Coyotes did good)...

Phoenix Coyotes' Ilya Bryzgalov not surprised by rallies
Says team ''has a really good backbone,'' helping it avoid long losing streaks.  This is what Tippett has done for these guys, really.  Last year, we folded like a house of cards...can't complain about this improvment in attitude and it will serve us wonderfully come the postseason...

NHL Tickets News | Coyotes creating a buzz around the NHL
The bandwagon is fully stocked with good beer and wine, chips and dip and plenty of fun - get your tickets now, people!!!

The Hockey News: Edward Fraser's blog: Blog: The best and worst trades of 2009-10
From Phil Kessel, to Benoit Pouliot to Kari Lehtonen and Peter Mueller, here are the top and bottom moves from this season.

Video: 'History Will Be Made' campaign debuts with Lemieux, Orr - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Here's the NHL's first two commercials for this year's Stanley Cup playoffs - they are truly fabulous.  The NHL has really gotten much better at these types of commercials over the years...

Finally, your Monday morning whimsy...

Is Ice Edge Holdings Like a Bad Boyfriend? | - All Sports. All Phoenix.
In light of the recent news stories surrounding the Ice Edge Group purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes, I have to wonder if this transaction is like a bad boyfriend...enjoy, folks...

It's just a quick day until the Coyotes get a chance to pass the Blackhawks for first in the Western Conference...enjoy the ride, and post new information in the comments...

[As an aside, thanks to TimmyHate and MPallen23 and GhostofLinkGaetz for holding down the fort last night in the GDT...Travis and I were both otherwise occupied]