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Coyotes Set Records All Over the Place in 3-2 Win Over Stars

Hey, I can finally write this thing up! Sure the game was a while ago but I just got time to watch it so I can give you the wrap up everyone deserves! Actually Bullet points because i'm exhausted.


  • Coyotes have won nine games in a row for the first time since the Jets days. How about them apples?
  • The Coyotes now lead the Pacific even though the Sharks have a game in hand. We're tied in points with the Blackhawks who we face again on Tuesday. Huge game.
  • Magic number is now 4 points. 
  • Adrian Aucoin is now 5 for 5 in the shootout with each being the game winner. 
  • Marty Turco and Jason LaBarbera both put on goaltending clinics last night. Those were some amazing saves from both.
  • Lee Stempniak's point streak has come to a sad end. 9 goals 2 assists and 11 total points in the 9 games. 
  • I still hate James Neal.
  • I also still hate Marty Turco. More cheap shots. If he gets to check people we get to check him now. Fair?
  • The Czech line was really rolling. Radim Vrbata and Petr Prucha with goals and Vrbata got another shootout goal with his back hand lifter again.
I don't even know what else to say right now. I'm beat. You saw the game, ad your final thoughs in the comments. 

Coming today: More on "The Ninja", a look at NHL game center and anything else I can think of.