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Coyote Tracks - Saturday March 20th

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Just some quick links to go with your Saturday morning breakfast. I'm probably still in bad as a matter of fact...

New User Tip of the Day: Always put titles on comments that include pictures. That way if someone wants to close it so the threads are easier to read, they can click the title and poof it minimizes. 

Big games from last night: Calgary took out the Sharks 4-3 which means we're even in games and only 3 back of the Pacific Division lead. Edmonton beat Detroit in the Shootout so Detroit stays in 8th as with the tie at 81 points they've played one less game.

NHL Network adds Blackhawks-Coyotes game - NHL Network
Our sold out game gets a national TV audience. The game will still be on FSN locally. 

Coyotes sign Alaska-Anchorage player -
The Phoenix Coyotes signed free-agent forward Josh Lunden to an entry-level contract Friday.

Phoenix Coyotes battling opponents, schedule
No matter how this season eventually turns out for the Coyotes, they won't be giving any kudos to the schedule-maker.

Dogs having their day | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun
"Another piece of the Winnipeg Jets, gone forever." Is all this crappy paper can cry about. Love how everyone whines about the record because of the shootout and overtime wins now. Boo frickin' hoo. Still the franchise record.

Coyotes are gaining, but Sharks aren't worried -
The Phoenix Coyotes have crept to within three points of the Sharks in the Pacific Division standings with both teams now having played the same number of games. 

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