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Coyotes Still On Olympic Break, Lose to Blues 5-2

It wasn't a very pretty game to watch tonight from the Coyotes end of things. While they were first on the scoreboard with a Joel Perrault goal, the vast majority of the game the Coyotes had no drive at all. Ilya Bryzgalov was somewhere else and the defense wasn't doing anything to help him either. There were points where players were trying to take over the games on their own, like Shane Doan, but nothing was happening. The power play continued it's exercise in futility going 0-6. There were at key moments too, where if they had just managed to get one the tide could have turned, but no. If that doesn't get at least somewhat better the postseason is going to be a short season. 

Some positives to take out of tonight's game? Jason LaBarbera played well in the 3rd, not allowing the game to get any further out of reach. Matthew Lombardi seemed to still give a crap that the team was down and scored to get the Coyotes a second goal. Also, there's still time to fix all of this. So I'll have to just take this as being just one game and not let it get me down. 

Here's what Dave Tippet had to say after the game. It wasn't much..

I mean, what else are you going to say after that flat of a game? Nothing else to say really. 

We'll see if there is any shaking up tomorrow by 1pm our time. I'll try to update as I can, but I'll likely be stuck with no computer at work tomorrow. Unfortunate.