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Coyote Tracks - Thursday March 18 Edition

Holy God I have a lot of links today...some doom and gloom from folks that don't seem to have any inside information and are taking the Canadian media at their word...and some words of hope from the Ice Edge group.

First, let's get to the good news (or at least the more positive, interesting news)...

Phoenix Coyotes Hockey on AZ Vibe " Blog Archive " Interview with Daryl Jones COO of Ice Edge Holdings
A very informative interview with the COO of Ice Edge - this is a great interview - GO READ!!! NOW!!!

This is another fabulous piece of news as the Coyotes are clearly planning to be here...that has to be good news, right?

Polishing off the good news portion of our daily news...hope you already have your tickets.  This is one thing that the doom and gloomers that we'll address after the jump aren't picking up - all attendance figures are skewed from the terrible crowds earlier in the season.  Since around Christmas, the attendance numbers for the Coyotes have been much better...a sell out on Saturday night will be lots of fun.  (If anyone who reads the site is interested, I need to sell my tickets for the game the following Saturday against Colorado - I'll give a good deal; send me an email)


After the jump, the gloom portion of the post, 2 very nice stories featuring Shane Doan, Coyotes get some power rankings love and more miscellany...

Opinion: Coyotes keep winning on ice, losing at gate-
Rehashing poor attendance numbers and the fun of David Shoalts!

Having Bought High, Owners of Sports Teams Find They Must Now Sell Low -
Article pointing out the issues that are facing sports franchises looking for new ownership in the current economic climate...

NHL lawsuit Against Moyes May be Attempt to Protect "NHL Brand"
This is an interesting take on the potential reasons for the NHL suit against Jerry Moyes...

Ok, enough gloom..let's get positive, eh? | News | Headlines | Shane Doan: Captain Coyote
A great story about Shane Doan and his role as a captain, and leader of the Coyotes...also known as everything we already know about Captain Coyote!

Puck Daddy's Interview with Shane Doan
And this was linked to as a fanshot yesterday...but if you haven't read it, you should probably do so.  A nice interview with Doaner.

Success of Phoenix Coyotes is NHL season's most surprising story - Darren Eliot -
The Phoenix Coyotes' season is as unlikely a tale as one might imagine in pro sports. After a summer of legal scuffling in bankruptcy court, ownership squabbling and league intervention, chaos reigned in the desert. The situation reached its nadir as training camp approached and part-owner, coach and franchise-face Wayne Gretzky left to decide if he was going to walk away.

Coyotes Defensive On Path to History - Technorati Sports
With Russian ministar Ilya Bryzgalov in goal, the Phoenix Coyotes are well on their way to possibly the best season in franchise history.

Coyotes are also getting some crazy Power Rankings love: [Sports Illustrated] [ESPN] [TSN]

After yesterday's article on Ilya Bryzgalov's new mask, some people commented on Jason LaBarbera's.  Here's a link to pictures of his mask.  And check out the main site for really great information on lots of goalie's masks and goalie information in general.

Peter Mueller > Wojtek Wolski - From The Rink
Since the trade deadline, Peter Mueller's been a revelation for Colorado. The guy he got traded for? Not so much.  I wouldn't argue with Mike Chen's statement that Wolski hasn't been a revelation, but he has been a solid player, certainly more valuable than Mueller would've been for the Coyotes at this point, and we did beat Colorado in the head-to-head matchup on that last minute Wolski goal...

Five Teams Benefitting From The Bettman Point | Blog Archive | Hockey or Die | Blogs |
I'm not sure how accurate this analysis is because I know the Coyotes have won a bunch of games in the overtime period (which isn't too different from what happened before the charity point) and I don't think the analysis quite gets the difference in point values correct...but I may be wrong.

End of the road for Flames? | Eric Francis | Columnists | Sports | Calgary Sun
In the end, the Flames’ season may all come down to a missed penalty shot.  Well, they did win last night, but I know that we are all hoping for a flameout so that our first round pick gets better.

With all these links, you'd think we'd get some whimsy, but whimsy for you...instead, this two part phenomenal series from the Predators blog On the Forecheck...

The numbers say NHL MVP is Ovechkin's to lose - On the Forecheck
While the chase for the playoffs sits at the forefront of most hockey fans' minds these days, it's also a good time to look ahead at likely winners for some of the major individual awards for this NHL season.

Ranking the NHL's Least Valuable Players - On the Forecheck
Debating MVP's is one thing, but which players have cost their teams the most this season? One Coyote made the list. Who is it?  I won't ruin it for you (read the article), but I'll give a hint...I don't think they included the shootout stats in the analysis....

Ok, Coyotes are in Florida tonight (although it'll be more mid-afternoon for us in Phoenix).  See you in the gamethread!!!