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More Headshots: James Wisniewski Takes Out Brent Seabrook

One of Coyotes Fans' "favorite" players, one James Wisniewski, tonight delivered a vicious hit on the Chicago Blackhawks' Brent Seabrook. Seabrook had delivered an out of position hit on Corey Perry of the Ducks and Play continued. Then after the puck had been cycled past Seabrook behind the net, Wisniewski came in with his arms up high slamming Seabrook's head into the glass and knocking him out. Here's a look at the video:


More breakdown after the jump...

While Seabrook's hit on Perry was a hard one and left Perry a little dazed it certainly looked and felt more like a hockey play as Perry had the puck. With Seabrook just waiting as the play developed, Wisniewski's hit was much more violent and seemed like he was headhunting in retribution. Certainly sending a message with hard clean hits is acceptable and certainly warranted, but this isn't the first time Wizzer's done this. You may remember him from such hits as this cheap hit on Shane Doan that earned him a two game suspension:

Last night Wisniewski ended up with a 2 minute charging and a 5 minute for fighting after Duncan Keith came in to stick up for his guy. Seabrook looked like he was going to try and come back, but ended up staying out with an "upper body injury" I can only assume that means to the head since he looked out of it. 

Another thing that was more than a little disturbing was the announcers wondering aloud if he "Sold it". That's just disgusting. It's never fun to watch a player struggle to get to his feet or worse, try to skate to the bench after hits like that. Just sad.

What do you think about the hit? To the comments.