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Coyote Tracks - St. Patrick's Day Edition

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Well, I don't know if it's available at the Den, but I'd be willing to purchase an O'Fiddler t-shirt after another solid performance from the second line center.  Vernon Fiddler had a goal (off a beautiful feed from Lee Stempniak), got hit in the back of the neck with a clearing pass that might've damaged his helmet, and just played solid all over the ice as the Coyotes won their 6th straight win to move to 43 wins (tied for the franchise record with 12 games to play!).

The Lightning made it close, and Steve Downie was being his usual pest (narrowly avoiding getting his butt whooped by Ed Jovanovski on two occasions).  But overall, the Coyotes just outworked the Lightning and got this road trip started off to a 3-0 start with one final game to go in Florida on Thursday night.  Following that the Coyotes come back for a single game against the Blackhawks (that is already sold out, with only SRO tickets remaining!) before going back on the road.  The Coyotes magic number keeps on dropping; keep jumping on board folks - we've got a big wagon hitched up around back...

Recaps from last night's game.  Travis' take is here. [AP via ESPN] [@YotesGurl is hilarious as always] [Raw Charge]

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PHX 2 - TB 1; PHL 3 - NSH 4 (SO); MTL 3 - NYR 1; BOS 5 - CAR 2; BUF 3 - ATL 4; TOR 4 - OTT 1; WSH 7 - FLA 3; COL 5 - STL 3; EDM 2 - MIN 4; SJ 2 - DAL 8 (wow!  Go Dallas!); NYI 4 - VAN2 (2d intermission - it's LOST night folks, I'll update later)

After the jump, all sorts of stuff...just keep reading...Also, Travis is going to be setting up a sidebar somewhere with this information, but you should all follow @FiveforHowling; @TravisHair; and me @jordanellel for your up to the minute Coyotes news and notes....

Financial scrutiny continues to follow Phoenix Coyotes - Phoenix Business Journal:
More information about the struggles to fully close the deal with IEH...hopefully we'll hear more good news from the meetings happening in Glendale with Bettman, Daly and the folks from Ice Edge.

Last season's winner was Z and there are plenty of solid choices nominated for this season.  My personal choice is likely Vernon Fiddler who has been exactly what this team has needed all sesason, a responsible defensive player, a penalty killer and someone that scores the occasional big goal...

Stempniak comes out of nowhere ... again - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
The Desert Ninja is the talk of the league with his recent play (another assist last night and some slick moves)...

The Stretch Drive: Handicapping The Rest Of The Season " The Campbell and The Wales
Looking at the rest of the season and the possibilities as they relate to the playoff scenarios.  They are not bullish on the Coyotes - I think they'll be proven wrong.

Kari Lehtonen's Real Audition Begins Tonight - Defending Big D
Glad that Defending Big D is on the job to taking down the San Jose Sharks...good job last night boys.  Hope that you can keep it up and beat those Sharks two more times!

Here's a link to track the NHL's case against Jerry far the Complaint still hasn't surfaced, but we are keeping our eyes and ears open.

Illegal is illegal, regardless of injury - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
Can't disagree with this take regarding the NHL and their disciplinary judgment calls...

Time to quit complaining and enjoy the game - - Columns
A chance encounter with a stadium vendor helped one person re-discover his love of the game.

Preds players proud to call 'Partner' friend | | The Tennessean
This is the most heart-warming story you will read today, or most days...

And because yesterday was light on the whimsy, here's your triple shot of whimsy for today..

Jersey Fouls: Borrowed Legends, Olympic fouls and Sea Bass - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Yes, I am the Jordan E. that submitted the Coyotes jersey foul...rereading my comments, I feel like a bit of a jerk...but it was in the name of humor...

Down Goes Brown: Cold Cases: The NHL's other missing items - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
This is just a Flyers fan as well as a Coytoes fan, it is a bit depressing how the goaltending continues to derail their playoff runs...but this made me laugh, a lot.

Fun in English Class. " Wrap Around Curl
These anagram posts are making the rounds and this has a nice collection of the funnier ones.  I'm sure there are some great Coyotes anagrams out your favorites in the comments...

See you tomorrow folks...go out and enjoy a green beer on me...not really, I'm not paying for you drunkards!!!