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Coyotes @ Hurricanes - Open Gamethread #68 - Mild Breezes Reported

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Phoenix Coyotes

Carolina Hurricanes
Coyotes_1_medium_medium At_symbol_medium_medium Heavy_22_oz_hurricane-b_medium

85 points

64 points
T-4th in Western Conference

13th in Eastern Conference

Saturday, Mar 13, 2010, 5:00 PM MST
RBC Center

TV: Center Ice Live, Tape Delay on FSNAZ at 8:30
Radio: XTRA 910 AM

Opposition Blog: Canes Country

Phoenix Coyotes at Carolina Hurricanes - Game #68 Preview
Coyote Tracks for March 13 and a Welcome to New Users

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New User Notes: The Gamethreads are wide open to talk about the goings on during the game. go off topic. Comment 743 times. I don't care. It a free venue so long as everyone is civil to each other and not annoying :P