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Coyote Tracks for March 13 and a Welcome to New Users

Hi Everybody! I'm Travis and I run this little outpost of SBNation where we talk anything and everything Coyotes. Recently we've seen a big upturn in traffic with how well the Coyotes have been doing, especially after the trade deadline. Though oddly we haven't had that many people take the time to sign up and get involved. SO I though making a little introduction to the site would be a good way to maybe get you to do so. 

First things first. You have to sign up in order to really be a member of the community. You can make up your own username, or use a Yahoo! or OpenID to sign up. There's a link at the top right hand corner of the site that can help with that, or there's also a box on the side that says start posting about the Coyotes. Clicking either one works and will take you through the sign up process. Once that's done you can add your twitter account to your profile if you want or even your facebook page so you can post there are the same time should you be so inclined. Once you're done signing up though you can jump right in and start commenting. There's not a ton of people here yet, but there hopefully will be soon. So it may take some time to get a response. 

While you're here you might want to take a minute and look at the Community Standards for the site as well as the other links on the left hand sidebar that can help you navigate the site. I'm still working on the commenting guide, but it's pretty easy. Just type your comment in the big box at the bottom of a post and hit preview or post. It's that easy. If you want to reply to a specific comment there's a little link at the bottom of each that will create a separate box to comment in so you can carry on a conversation. 

I know some people worry about abandoning an online community they're already a part of or something like that. Don't be. We're not telling you to just hang out here, we just want your input on the site too. So jump in to the links, chat hockey all you want and stick around later today for the gamethread for tonight's game against the Hurricanes where we'll be chatting during the game (Which is good since it's radio only unless you have center ice.)

To the Links...


Vote Now: Sidney Crosby Golden Roar Reader Art Contest Finals - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
VOTE FOR ME!!! Mine is the Sid Scream photoshop. I would really like to win. Help me won't you?


Lightning promotion seeks your lines of rhymes - Raw Charge
Aye, lads and lasses! The Tampa Bay Lightning be seekin' your best limericks! Win tickets to St. Paddy's day game at the Forum! With the luck'o'the'Irish, you'll be a winner! - That's right the lightning are having a limerick contest head on over to raw charge for more details and a few examples.


Biggest Brawls of the Last 23 Years - Behind The Net

Who deserves the Cup most? Consider these rankings - Adam Proteau - NHL - Sporting News
They rank Buffalo at #1, but after how those jerks acted when they were here, no way. Phoenix comes in all the way down at #20.

Got more links? Or just general hockey talk? Talk away ladies and Gents!