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Phoenix Coyotes Snag a 4-3 Win from the Canucks in the Shootout

Well last night's game was certainly an exciting one. The Coyotes ended up on top, but only after a shoot out that ended with an identical score as the game. Yet again our unlikely shootout specialist Adrian Aucoin netted the game winner. He's becoming quite the go to guy in the contest now 3 for 3 on the season. He just seems to find ways to get them past the goalie even if it isn't all that pretty. 

Lee Stempniak was one of the biggest stars for the Coyotes tonight getting 2 goals and one of the 4 shootout goals. He's really been big for the Coyotes since we picked him up from the Leafs with 3 goals and an assist with a +6 over the last 3 games. What can you say about the guy? He's been clutch here. 

Taylor Pyatt also got one of the regulation goals against his former team. It was a nice effort play to put his own rebound in. THe Pyatt-Fiddler-Stempniak line in general was the best one we had rolling. Putting pressure on the Canucks all night, attacking well and finding each other with passes. The other lines? Not so much. Doan-Lombardi-Wolski just all seemed like they were in different places, the Czech line had it's moments and Noki-Korpi-Winnik did alright defensively, but wasn't finding anything in our own zone. 

For the Canucks It was all Sedins and Sameulsson. Henrik scored one, Samuelsson and Erhoff netted the others. Even with the 3-3 score neither team looked all that great tonight. The first period was a mess for both as no one could seem to set up anything. sure both teams got goals, but everyone just seemed disjointed. The other periods were back and forth, but no one really controlled play for very long. Towards the end though the Coyotes seemed like they were playing not to lose instead of pressuring and trying to get the W. That's just not going to cut it in the stretch run. We have to go for the kill as soon there will be no shootout to win it in. We'll have to figure out a way to play hungrier. 

Good win even if we just barely got it though.