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Winter Olympics in Arizona?

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I found this video clip from KPNX-TV in Phoenix pretty interesting.

Veronica Sanchez put together a feature story two days ago in which she interviewed Arizonans and asked them their thoughts on an idea of hosting a Winter Olympics in the state.

Honestly, do we really think that could ever happen? I very highly doubt it is possible in this Sun Belt state. Maybe in Flagstaff where it snows during the winter season, but Phoenix? Unless there are hockey games played at Arena in neighboring Glendale and/or the Alltel Ice Den (the Phoenix Coyotes' practice facility) in nearby Scottsdale as Sanchez suggested, no chance.

Either way, it's always nice to wonder what it would be like for the state of Arizona to host the Winter Olympics. It would be a monumental challenge compared to the next host in 2014. That would be Sochi, Russia.