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A Look at the Potential Coyotes Trade Targets - Ethan Moreau

As I was strolling the internet looking for anything more specific on what the Coyotes could be looking for, beyond the usual top six forward and defensive depth that everyone wants, I came across some articles mentioning Ethan Moreau as a possible pick up. Now, I don't know much about Ethan Moreau, but I know he was a big name in Edmonton and that he put up some points. So my first stop was over to to check out the stats. I'll just throw the widget up though as I'm lazy.

2009 - Ethan Moreau 60 6 7 13 -14 54 0 2 1 0 107 5.6

Ugh. 13 points in 60 games? That certainly doesn't seem like the player we're looking for to replace the production that Scottie Upshall was creating. Maybe he was a character guy? There was something he added as the captain of the Oilers that I just wasn't seeing? I don't know. So I visited the Oilers outpost here on SBNation, to see what I could dig up. What I found wasn't encouraging. Basically he's not setting a very good example. He skips bag skates, but is apparently fine the next day. Then he doesn't take responsibility for much according to Derek Zona. While He blames the power play and penalty kill, he's often the one taking the penalties. There are also constant calls to take the C away from him since the team is pretty much terrible and his leadership isn't helping any. 

That made me go take a look at the numbers one more time. Certainly it couldn't be all this bad could it? Yeah. It could. He had a couple of 30 point seasons a while back, but those were before the lockout. He went 17-14-31 in the '02-'03 season and then 20-12-32 in '03-'04. Since then his high was in '05-'06 when he was 11-16-27. 

At a loss as to what the Coyotes would see in him I got a hold of one of the writers at Copper and Blue, Scott Reynolds, to ask him what he thought of the Coyotes being interested in Moreau. What he said wasn't at all good:

If the Coyotes are still looking for a way to blow it this season, Moreau is the perfect choice.  His penchant for penalties results in negative value added, which is a neat trick for a guy you pay 1.75M per year for the rest of this year and next season.   Think of how much you hate Balsillie.  Now imagine him as an NHL player.  Ethan Moreau.  Basically, don't do it.  Just, don't.  Seriously.
 -Scott Reynolds

That should about sum it up. Ethan Moreau? DO NOT WANT!

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