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Coyotes Come Out Flat and Get Trounced 4-0 Against Stars

Well we couldn't extend the winning streak but we at least went 3 for 4 on the roadtrip which is good enough. I'll take 6 wins followed by one loss all season long. All that optimistic stuff aside, I really don't have a whole lot of postive things to say about this game. Shane Doan and Ilya Bryzgalov played fairly well, but it seemed like the team in general wasn't able to get moving at all. Everyone seemed to be 2 or 3 steps behind the play. The defense was still going after the guy who touched the puck last instead of the one with the puck. Just lazy lazy play. The Stars were very good about making the Coyotes pay for their mistakes though striking early and often. I'm just going to go to the bullet points...

  • The entire defensive unit looked slow and tired out there. From the top line to the bottom it was just bad. Zbynek Michalek was caught missing the puck, Ed Jovanovski was turning things over and making weak passes. James Vandermeer was caught behind plays, Sami Lepisto wasn't doing well possessing the puck, Adrian Aucoin got caught chasing the puck instead of taking his man. Even Keith Yandle wasn't all there though he skated well, nothing was happening.
  • Our energy line was doing okay, but wasn't it's normal intense self. Winnik, Fiddler and Korpikoski each had individual efforts that looked good, but they were all at different times and just didn't click.
  • The Czech line got some shots on, but was largely a non factor. Turco turned away the one quality chance that Vrbata had in the second.
  • Top line had some speed early with Mueller and Doan playing well. Lombardi tried to make some plays on his own late to no avail.
  • Pyatt also had a couple early tries, but that whole 4th line was pretty invisible and i'm going to slash Lang on the hand if he makes any more cute drop passes. They DON'T WORK!
  • Bryz didn't deserve to have a GAA of 4.00 tonight. He just didn't have any help clearing pucks out.
  • No one was winning the one on one battles. The Stars came away with the majority of the pucks from the corners and found the puck constantly.

Not a lot else that I can say about this one. Back home Monday to face the Oilers where we can hopefully get past this speed bump against, frankly, the worst team in the league.