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Coyotes Tracks for Sunday, February 28th ( D-DAY 2010!)


           Today is the day.  Put up or shut up time.  Actually, for hockey fans across the US, and that place we call  "America's sombrero"  today is like Christmas, V 2.0. The so-called 'underdog' Americans have rode an unbeaten tournament to the Gold medal game, while the alleged juggernaut that is Canada has stumbled enough to make Canadians wet their flannel underpants more than once.  And while this may not require a "miracle on ice', they don't come any bigger than this.  I've been up since early this morning waiting anxiously for this historic game to get underway, but regardless of who wins, this looks to be an emotional clash of two powerhouses.   How emotional?  Emotional enough that Canadian officials are trying to shut down all liquor stores in the country by 2 pm.  No word on who will be shoulder-tapping for the Canadian women's hockey team.

             With all the hype surrounding the USA/Canada rivalry, it's nice to know that the Olympics are finally winding down.  Talking about Kirk Maltby of the Detroit Red Wings being out for the season really seems kind of callous, albeit boring.  Don't fret kids, our beloved hockey will be back in full swing before you know it.  But before it does come, I thought I'd share some of the highs and lows of the Olympics, along with some of the pleasant surprises.  And get this, all in little bullet points! Woohoo!

  • First and foremost, congratulations are in order to Sami Lepisto of the Phoenix Coyotes.  His play was one of the few solid spots on an aging Finnish team, helping lead them to the bronze medal.  Hearing his name constantly from Mike Emerick only cemented his importance on anyone's blue line, as he's aggressive as they come, but not to the point of stupidity.  Way to go, Sami.  We're all very proud of your efforts.  Now if only we can Emerick to pronouce your name like he's not sneezing.  Ahh-- Ahh--... Lepisto!


( Sami's in the middle, I swear)


  • One of the funniest surprises throughout the Olympics has been the on-air chemistry ( or lack thereof) between former Phoenix Coyote  ( and American) Jeremy Roenick and former NHL coach Mike Milbury.  The bickering has been hilarious, and they can't seem to agree on anything. Roenick has been animated and humorous, while Milbury seems to be the biggest Canadian homer since those guys from Strange Brew.  Check out this youtube clip where Roenick seems disgusted at Milbury's 'colorful' commentary:


    I can't wait to see more of these two.  it never gets old.
  • Stephen Colbert and his 'Nation" raised over $300,000 to help sponsor USA speedskating, then proceeded to bring his brand of funny to Vancouver.  Some of the highlights can be seen on the first video on his website, if you have four minutes to kill: Colbert Nation | The Colbert Report | Comedy Central

    We're sure to be hanging around our computers and TV sets today, so come back come game time and join in all the merriment! We'll be partying it up while watching what aims to be  an epic classic for the ages.  Stay dry and healthy! We have Coyotes games to attend soon! Wooooooooooooooo!!!!