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Sami Lepisto is Last Coyote Standing in Olympic Competition

When these Olympic games started, if you had said that the only Coyote that would make it to the semi-finals would be defenseman Sami Lepisto I would have laughed in your face. That is however the case as the Finns have surprisingly made it to play the United States later today. I'm not sure if the biggest surprise is that they made it this far or that neither the Czech team with Zbynek Michalek on the blueline, or the Russian team with Coyotes goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, made it to the Semis at all. Both were major contenders, but RUssia just wasn't a match for the Canadian tam they met in the Quarterfinals.

Back to Sami though... While I like the guy, I'm hoping that he gets the loss tonight. Even with a loss though Finland would get to a bronze medal game. Hopefully Sami and the Finns end up with at least something that he can wear around the locker room in front of Bryz and Z just to rub it in a little bit.He hasn't been getting in on the scoring much for the Finnish team though 0-0-0 so far, but he's getting second pairing minutes now. He also has 4 penalty minutes. Maybe not a dominant performance, but It doesn't matter if his team comes home with a medal.

Good luck Sami! (Just not tonight.)