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Coyote Tracks - TGIF February 26 Edition

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Hey Petey - we're happy you're feeling better too!!!
Hey Petey - we're happy you're feeling better too!!!

Seriously, it's getting a little tiresome having little to no Coyotes news to link to...alas, hockey returns next week...thank god.

In Olympics hockey news, Finland's women team beat Sweden to win the bronze medal...and the Canadian women beat the US 2-0 to win the gold.  Congrats to the Americans for winning silver, although I'm sure they are disappointed.  I saw some of this game online and the US just looked outworked by the Canadians in all the zone, couldn't generate offense even on a few 5-3 advantages.  Hopefully the men fare better.

Speaking of the men...the US takes on Finland at 1 PM local time for the chance to play in the gold medal game.  In the other semifinal, Canada takes on Slovakia at 7:30 PM.  A US-Canada rematch would be a great game, but Finland and Slovakia are certainly no pushovers...

In Coyotes news, Petr Prucha returned to the ice yesterday for practice...he's still no contact, but this is a great sign that he is feeling better after his run in with the boards courtesy of Dallas' James Neal. blogs - Ice Chips - JimGintonio - Lepisto enjoying 'awesome' Olympic experience
In Finland's last game, Joni Pitkaned was suspended which led to Lepisto getting a lot more ice time...he acquitted himself well... blogs - Paola Boivin - PaolaBoivin - Bryzgalov talks after loss to Canada
Bryz has the line of the day for Russia's trouncing at the hands of Canada - "They came out like gorillas out of a cage."  That sounds about right.  I bet in Russian it sounds a bit like Rubbish too...

That's all I got for the more in the comments throughout the weekend and we'll bump them up to the front page.