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With No Coyotes In the Main Event... USA! USA! USA!

This time around, deciding which team to chear for in the always contentious USA-Canada game is a no-brainer. USA! All the way baby! In past years I would have had to worry about rooting against Shane Doan, but not this time around. He was left off the roster by some know nothing Canadian GM or something so it makes it pretty easy to go with the home team. It should be a good game with a bye on the line and an automatic in to the quarterfinals. With Canada taking the last game against the Swiss into overtime, the USA team has a 1 point lead in the group. That means any type of win for the US should get the the group win.

There are several places on the SBNation network to join in and talk during the game. You could come here if you just want to talk amongst yourselves, there's the SBNation mainpage which should have some lively discussion in the gamethread, or you could stop by Pension Plan Puppets and rub our victory in the faces of Canada's team. I'll get links up to those threads as soon as I have them. For those that don't know, the game will start at 5:40 MST on MSNBC.

There are two other games on as well. as Russia will take on the Czech Republic in what should be another really good game with two strong teams. That one will be on at 2 on NBC. FInally we have the last of the qualifying games as Sweden and Finaland take each other on at 10pm on MSNBC. 

Use this thread throughout the day for links to other threads and to just chat about the Olympic games. GO USA!