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Coyote Tracks - Links for Groundhog Day

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Welcome to my first post of the daily links!!  I promise that I will do my best to scour the internet on a daily basis and link to what I see as the best news stories for the Coyotes (and other things that might be of interest to you Yotes fans!).

So without further ado, let's get to it:

Doan Named First Star For Last Week - Can't get the link to to work - so TSN will have to do...Doan named first star, TSN focuses on Ottawa goalie named second star...he had a good week too, I suppose. Not quite 3 goals, 6 assists and leading the team to 4 impressive wins...

Coyotes make a move up on ESPN power rankings, but drop a place on TSN...not sure what the folks at TSN are smoking, but I have a feeling Scottie's injury has something to do with it. [ESPN] [TSN]

Coyotes' stunning season gives Tippett the Jack Adams edge - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Leahy at Puck Daddy like Tippett's chances for the Jack Adams Award - can't say I disagree. Wayne Who?

JimGintonio - Teppo Numminen enjoying retirement
Gintonio with a short piece on Teppo Numminen - it was great to see his number go in the rafters on Saturday night.

The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes - If you're not reading The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes, then you should be - amusing captions and a great link to an AZCentral video about what the team does on the road. Funny stuff.

Flames send Jokinen, Prust to Rangers for Higgins, Kotalik
Two former Coyotes are heading for NYC - have fun dealing with Olli, Rangers...yeah, I'm sure he'll help with that stagnant offense.  And he's a great leader to boot.  Blueshirt Banter seems far more optimistic on this one than I would be.

Viivaa ja kirjaimia: How to draw Olli Jokinen - And you just can't have an Olli Jokinen posting without linking to this classic.

Ok, that's it for the time back with more tomorrow....