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Coyote Tracks - Wednesday February 17 Edition

Hey!  Sorry I've been away for a few days with the daily news and notes feeds.  There's not a lot going on in Coyote-dom right now with the Olympics break going on.  But hopefully the boys are resting up (especially Petr Prucha) and getting ready for those final 19 games when we get back in a few weeks to our regularly scheduled programming.

On to our links...

Make sure to keep up on your Olympics news...Puck Daddy and SB Nation's NHL page are providing great spots to follow along live to games.

The Phanatic Magazine: On the NHL: Coyotes and Kings go from afterthoughts to playoff hopefuls
Some out of market love for the Coyotes heading into the Olympic Break...

The Program: On The Drawing Board: The Referee Apocalypse
I really have no idea what this one is all about, but in one of the articles they have the Coyotes making it to the Stanley Cup Finals - I'm all for that outcome!!!

If you have links, post 'em in the comments here or as a fanshot and we'll get them added to the front page or to the next day's links.  It's going to be slow-going during the break, but Travis and I (mostly Travis ;) will be trying to keep the discussion going and keep all you Coyotes fans geared up and ready to roll come time for the stretch run!

Go Coyotes!  Awwwwooooooo!!!