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More On the Prucha Hit: The Glass Wasn't the Issue

I'll admit it. I'm biased. I was at the hockey game last night watching as Petr Prucha was laying on the ice for 7 minutes. I honestly didn't care what anyone else had to say about the validity of the hit. I still don't really. Was it a dirty dirty play? No. And I said as much last night. Was it clean? I still don't think it was 100%. That being said though, I'm past blaming Neal for what happened. It was a hockey play and it was an unfortunate injury. Some Dallas fans said as much, while others took it as far as blaming Prucha himself.

This morning though the argument has evolved into blaming not the players, but the glass itself. Many fans thought, and still do, that the seamless glass was the culprit in this unfortunate incident. That however is just another way to try and blame something, anything, rather than just dumb chance. That however seems to be what it's come down to. If you look at the replay of the hit from last night and fast forward to about 50 seconds in you'll see the real issue.

It wasn't the glass itself, but rather the metal stanchion where the penalty box glass is seamed together. (h/t to @patty_in_dallas on twitter) Rather than being a forgiving glass surface with shock absorbers and some give, he hit a rigid metal bar that no matter how you cut it was the one responsible for Prucha's injury. That same injury could have happened at any arena, with any glass. They all have metal bits around the penalty box doors and that's always a dangerous spot.

Did it look anywhere near that to anyone last night? Nope. Would it have helped any? No. I was ready to leave the game after the injury because I stopped caring about what else happened. I felt, as a grown man, sick to my stomach watching a player on the ice like that. It makes you angry. It should. I wrote about that, because that's what being a blogger here is about. Not being objective, but conveying your (my) feelings as a fan

Do I still hate James Neal? Yes. Because that's what fans do. They hate the guy that hurt their guy. It doesn't matter how it happened. Do I still say that Marty Turco is a punk? Yep, but I've always disliked him for some reason, so that's nothing new. Basically it goesback to the way it was except James Neal can look forward to being booed when he comes to Arena, and probably getting an extra hit here and there anyways, and Marty can deal with still being called Turdco. I'm alright with that.